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Reshaping breasts on the net.

Nikki Cox is apparently a 36DD, and I’m told she’s all natural too!

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Vanna Lace had an ambition to become a ballerina – but her hopes were spoilt when she developed some impressive curves. So she took the sensible path and made use of her training – by becoming an exotic dancer!

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Ash doesn’t give a toss whether breasts are natural or not.

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Research is underway into a new type of grow-your-own breast implants! The method is to insert a biodegradable ‘scaffold’ into the breast, around which the body then produces tissue. The scaffold then dissolves away, leaving normal breast tissue behind!

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“Tall, skinny women can get breast implants, and they become perfect, but women who are small and curvy can’t get leg extensions. That isn’t fair.” –Yasmine Bleeth

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Davinia Taylor has large breasts – I’d guess a D- or DD-cup. Are they natural? I have no reason to doubt it. As an aside, she looks well rough on the cover of the current issue of Maxim! Jeri Ryan has great breasts – and the only implants in her are Borg!

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One-time real-life Lara, Nell McAndrew says that her implants make her feel sexier, in an interview with FHM. Are there any busty celebrities who aren’t made of plastic?! Name me a female celebrity naturally larger than a C-cup! I tried search engines, but if you search for ‘celebrities’, particularly ‘naturally big-breasted’ ones, it comes up with reams and reams of porn sites!

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Apparently, Lara Croft’s breasts got smaller for Tomb Raider III. So what’s the big deal? Well it seems that a lot of male fans feel cheated. But let’s face it – as an ideal, Lara Croft in TR I and II is, well, pushing it!

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The breast cancer society of Canada came up with an amusing way of telling women in no uncertain terms that they should examine themselves! Their television advert certainly gets the message across!

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The breasts and I are working on the new boobcam pages – it’s kind of tough coming up with an interesting commentary for each picture in the archive!

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How Star Trek transformed the bra.

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Does anyone have any thoughts on surgically-enhanced bosoms vs. naturally large breasts? All the commentary I can find on the internet is about how men prefer small breasts to implanted ones, with no comment on naturally large boobs.

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I like Stuart – he said I have great tits =)

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Bioform bra update: Having worn it a while now, I’m finding that the plastic undercups are digging into my ribcage. I’ll try adjusting the straps and see if that helps – it’s certainly the right back size, I’m definitely not a 36.

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Feeling perky? Is it really just the nipple that men are interested in, or is it the whole deal? All I know is that when Adam and Ash see a pair of erect nipples, they turn to each other and ask “is it cold in here?”…

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Do those suffering from small breast inferiority complex still perpetuate the myth that minimal bods screen out stupid men? The theory is: “Hey, listen, do you really want to be dating a guy who makes Hooters his regular hangout? I sure don’t. Give me a leg man any day.” But it’s a Boob Fact that that ALL guys will speak to a woman with big breasts (well, almost all). Having big breasts allows you to sort through the guys and pick out only the ones who interest you. You can just watch and evaluate, and ignore the uninteresting ones. It’s quite pleasant, even if you decide not to pick out anyone at all – like window-shopping. As to the cure for A-cup paranoia: Attitude. You can convey the message: “Look, God handed me these two little nectarines. They’re all I’ve got, so you’ll have to try to make the best of them.” Or: “Welcome to Nectarineland, you lucky man. If you play your cards right, I’ll let you remove my fire-engine red bra and lick honey from my nectarines while I squeal and shudder with delight.” We’re back to attitude. You should think in these terms: A man gets one chance to audition for your breasts. If they don’t like him, he’s history!

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Oh, how our cups runneth over, says Guardian journalist Shane Watson. Society is breast-obsessed? surely not! I do have to disagree with her on one count though – she says that the bioform bra acts like a wonderbra in that it pushes the breasts together to improve cleavage. You owe this entry to my friend Mark, who saw the article in the paper and kept the page for me – isn’t that sweet of him?!

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Well, my bioform bra arrived today! I quite like the shape it gives. It’s a bit strange having rigid plastic under my armpits, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it! The new-style boning means that looking head-on, my boobs have a nice shape – they don’t spill out at the sides, which has a slimming effect on my sillhouette from the front. It’s a bit pointy (from the side and looking down from my own point of view), but that’s no major issue. I haven’t exactly tried running around in it yet, but will report when I have!

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I just ordered my bioform bra in a 34E from – I hope it’s worth the thirty quid! I still really want this Triumph Flaunt bra – I think it’s so pretty, but I should really limit myself to one lingerie purchase per month or I’ll get carried away!

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I’m interested to see some before/after pics of Kelly Brook and Nell McAndrew, to go with the Jordan ones. I’ve been informed that Jenny McCarthy’s breasts are definitely not natural, but she had the operation when she was very young, so before/after shots are going to be unlikely.

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With all the pressure on women to have pert, perky breasts (no matter what nature had in mind), Dr Grant Stevens has come up with the concept of a laser bra, consisting of laser-treated skin that becomes more taut and acts as an inbuilt bra, holding the breasts up and eliminating the need to wear a brassiere. However, with a price tag starting at $7,000 it’s a bit of an extreme option!

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I’ve actually managed to find some before and after pictures of twice-implanted page 3 model Jordan. It seems she’s stopped getting nekkid since having the surgery – she must be earning enough with her kit on, now that she has big boobs!

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Yes, I forgot to mention the program shown on channel 4 on Tuesday evening – I think it was Better By Design. The episode, first broadcast three years ago, shows the invention of the bioform bra by design team Richard Seymour and Dick Powell. I saw the original broadcast, but I’m still sorry I missed the re-run. Claire Brialey shares her views on breasts, bras and the new bioform in The Girlie Show (you need to scroll down a fair way). Being a busty lass, she shares my views on bras.

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Perhaps the breasts and I will do some work on the new boobcam page tonight…

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One woman tries all sorts of well-marketed ‘miracle’ bust-enhancers in her Quest for Cleavage before realising that she could be happy with what she has. Self-acceptance, baby!

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In Double D Dilemas a big-breasted gal presents her views on buying bras and t-shirts. She also offers some help and fashion advice for the busty.

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Why all the attention about Jemma Forrest’s breasts? Maybe it’s because she lied to her bank manager to get a loan and added two bags of soya bean oil to her chest and upgraded from 34A bras to a size 34D. That’s why my unprocessed peaches will be a valuable find for FHM – a genuine commodity in a market of manufactured melons.

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The big-breasted know that strapless bras heed the laws of gravity. So Lauren Wedekind designed her own assortment of fab straps (sparkling satin, flirty fringe) that can be attached to many strapless bras and started her own company “I thought if bra straps were going to hang out, they might as well be pretty,” says Wedekind, who models her creations on the site. The breasts and I couldn’t agree more – we admire anyone who invents new ways of accessorising boobs!

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I’ve found the subject for the next poll! Breasts and society. As you know, it’s one of my ‘pet’ topics – one of my favourite debates. The breast-obsessed media is a large contributor to the situation, in my opinion – and this article agrees.

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Do your breasts get in the way? At least read the first few posts – busty women who wish to educate the world in the problems this entails. Really, no designer in the world cares about you if you’re bigger than a C-cup (Ds can sometimes get away with it, but beyond that you’re pretty much lost!)

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So perhaps the curvy look really is back! Cleavage wars continue to rage between the various bra manufacturers. From the adjustable cleavage wonderbra to the revolutionary new bioform bra (which you’ll remember uses a shaping cup instead of the age-old concept of the underwire). Well if you ask me, it’s about time there were some real innovations in the bra industry – the design has remained fundamentally unchanged for at least 50 years (one could argue, in fact, since its invention in the early 20th century). Cleavage-enhancing bras and liquid padding have been big winners for Victoria’s Secret, an $800 million business which they hope will grow to $1.3 billion with the addition of new styles.

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TBC is ‘staff pick’ at Isn’t that flattering? My rating doesn’t necessarily reflect the staff opinion however! Ah well, can’t appeal to everyone after all (besides, it’s quite probable that those who voted negatively don’t actually bother to read the site… or else they’re jealous miaow)

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Fashion’s getting curvy? I think not. Everyone tries to suggest that bigger models should be used, rather than the waif-thin girls that are the norm in the fashion industry. Why not have something of a compromise, and have an actually curvy model? Someone with a bit of a stomach perhaps – maybe even somewhat busty (yes, I admit that Gisele Bundchen is somewhat busty, but those are her only curves).

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The ’90s may go down as the decade of the grunge-inspired waif, but 2000 marks the return of the woman. “I really wanted a curvy, voluptuous woman, but a modern version of Marilyn (Monroe),” Gucci designer Tom Ford said. “We have a very accentuated chest. The bra is actually the accessory of the season. Every look has got a bra – and those bras, they’re not sort of subtle.” So it looks like we’ll be seeing more and more well-formed women, as buxom models reach a critical, curvy mass in popular magazines. Think of them as Kate Mosses who don’t break when you squeeze them.

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Good news for the big-breasted! Charnos are about to release a revolutionary new Bioform Bra, which is now available for pre-order at The new bra replaces the traditional underwire with a flexible undercup, offering improved support and shaping. I can’t wait to try mine out – the breasts are looking forward to it too, and we’ll be sure to report back on the Breast Chronicles once we’ve experimented with the new technology.

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Do you think a Breastee would draw even more attention to my double-D decolletage? It’s a brooch that – instead of being pinned onto clothing – tucks into your cleavage. It’s held in place by a stem that slides between the breasts. But it won’t stay put if you don’t boast a C cup or better. This bauble is the perfect gift from a guy to his cleavage queen, because it gives him a legitimate excuse to constantly stare at her breasts! Creator Maybelline Williams is working on a more egalitarian version for the cleavage-challenged: the bottom of the stem would have a clip that attaches to the front of a bra. “Some women will need to wear a body enhancer such as a Wonderbra to create a little cleavage,”‘ she says. Those with nothing to get off their chests will just have to wear a necklace!

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In The Breast of Times, the author outlines his reasons for believing that implants are not the way to go for those who feel that life will be better with bigger tits.

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Maybe we didn’t invent the terms fun bags, hooters or jugs, but we constantly compare breasts, always wondering if ours are bigger, smaller, rounder, firmer, higher or tighter than the next pair. The author of Breast Envy says, “Breasts are one of the first things people notice. Not just men, but women too. Be honest with yourself, when you check out a fellow lady, you peruse her face, her hair, and almost always her breasts for a quick comparison. I know I do. It’s natural in this competitive tittie world.” We expect men to fall prey to this obsession, but women are just as guilty. I know I am – I can recall undressing in Miss Selfridges’ (communal) changing room to try on a bikini – a quick glance around the room determined that I was the most impressively-endowed girl there!

posted by Charlotte # 8:04 PM

I resent fashion articles which give the impression that big breasts are a figure flaw. eHow to Downplay Large Breasts suggests that well-endowed women consider minimizer bras, wear simple, loose and uncomplicated tops in dark colors, and avoid fitted sweaters and any top with spandex. It also suggests tucking shirts and sweaters at the waist will only enhance your bustline. Forget that, get your fashion advice from Kelly Brook (ooh, so jealous of her in that photo! But at least I have some other pictures of her looking rough to console myself 😉 ). Big boobs look great in a V-necked top which allows onlookers to glimpse the gentle slope of cleavage. As for those clingy fabrics, they fit around the chest and aren’t baggy around the waist.

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I’ve always loved C+P designs – I have three or four of their T-shirts now (at least one has already featured on the boobcam). Gotta love the “dangerous curves” (see the ‘party’ section) and “100% Natural” (‘relaxed’) designs!

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Boob humour! Spunker’s take on breasts (fun) and Breast Jokes & Euphuisms for Breasts.

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Many thanks to S&S; Industries , a leading manufacturer of wire, metal, and plastic products. In the late 1970s, its president (a former brassiere model who happens to wear a 34D herself) made innovations in underwire a priority. The result was a lighter, plastic-coated wire that provided support, but was flexible enough to be tied in a knot. It’s now the industry standard — a Godsend to the double-D woman, and also – surprisingly – to her A-cup sister.

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Nipply When Wet! Wet T-shirt contests attest to the fact that a woman’s breasts and nipples – especially when exposed through a wet, see-through white T-shirt – are the part of your body that arouses the greatest number of men to the greatest degree.

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She may have “Itty Bitty Titties”, but the author of this poem is blissfully flat-chested. Hey, even I’ll admit that I’ve watched in envy as those small-boned, small-breasted waifs in tank tops jogged braless across the campus without knocking themselves out. And she has no problem getting bras. She can still wear a teen “training” bra, an odd assemblage of stretchy “growing” cups and elastic straps, size AA. A training bra… what are you little people training yours to do? And you call us big girls dumb… 😉

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Unfortunately it’s a bit out of season now, but I found these two articles which still may be of interest to our readers – no matter what their bust size! Swimwear for the flat-chested and swimwear for the large-breasted can help find a style of swimsuit to suit your body-type.

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Golden Girl with a secret weapon! Actress Heather Graham is one of those unfortunate women born with breasts the size of fried eggs sunny side up. So what was her not-so-secret weapon in the Austin Powers sequel The Spy Who Shagged Me? She reveals, “I’m quite flat-chested. Of course, on screen I wear a push-up bra with jello things in them which we call in the industry ‘chicken cutlets’.” That’s right, her boobs came from a box! These hooter hoisters give small-breasted women something they never had: “Cleavage, baby!”

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My breasts are not best pleased with me at the moment. I’m wearing a distinctly unsupportive plunge bra in the daytime, and the route I take to cycle up to campus is a veritable minefield of lumps and bumps! Perhaps I’d better pamper them a bit – it’s sale time at Bravissimo… 😉

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Bra Wars by Danni Ashe was intended to parody Star Wars with softcore humour – but Lucasarts wasn’t keen on the idea, ruling it to be far too offensive. Aww, George Lucas is such a spoilsport! In spite of this however, Danni – a great fan of the Star Wars films – resolves to release the film after making some script changes.

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Breasts – something that growing girls have to deal with in one way or another… it seems so simple when you consider that a little later in life, breasts become something that can kill you! This is a short article introducing this concept, with a collection of breast cancer related links.

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Newsbits: Bare-breasted poet takes on loggers; Driver shows breasts to police instead of licence; Breasts fail to incubate bird’s egg.

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Ahem, so now Britney wants to flaunt her femininity some more…. because the video for “oops I did it again” didn’t do enough?

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What is the Cleavage Culture? Western society’s fascination with boobs. Breasts and cleavage are used to sell products – and films: “Big breasts are the cheapest special effects”, according to director Jim Wynorski. Agreeing enthusiastically with this statement is Russ Meyer, whose softcore film starlets sport astonishing bosoms with sexual appetites to match!

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Growing up with large breasts was never a problem for the reasons I usually read about. People didn’t make fun of me because of my breasts; I’ve never really had a great problem with unsolicited attention… so why is it that I took such a long time to get used to their size? We’re back onto society again – I felt that my breasts were too big to be acceptable. Being unable to buy bras in Top Shop and Miss Selfridge made me feel abnormal!

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Are big breasts an indication of a lower intelligence? It depends – perhaps if they’re implants! Julia Roberts employed some impressive cantilevering to emulate Erin Brockovich. I’m not entirely sure what conclusion this article comes to, but anyway, it’s about breasts in life and business.

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Breasts can be a huge concern in one’s body image because of the pressures of society on us to look good. Breasts, body parts and self image concerns examines the feelings of inadequacy which we associate with having less-than-pefect breasts.

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There have been many differences in the meaning of the word breasts. This website seems to be some sort of etymological and social study on breast perception. It spans several pages, between which there is a variety of possible routes. Anyway, it studies the various words and metaphors used to describe breasts.

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Breasts in Botswana is an article by a woman who it seems has done a fair bit of travelling in her work as a Peace Corps Volunteer. It highlights the difference in the way breasts are perceived in a non-western culture.

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News: I plan to reinstate the boobcam! The reason I originally removed it was that it did not fit with the ethos of the Breast Chronicles (namely, to be aimed primarily at women). My idea is to make it a more substantial section in its own right, which will give a detailed introductary paragraph explaining the purpose of the cam and why I decided to bring it back. The new all-singing all-dancing cam page will also include more details about my clothing (maybe even photography – I don’t know yet).

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To go with our Breast Sex article here, I’ve found a page of ideas for Breast Play for lovers (careful, it’s a bit explicit).

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It’s another article about why men prefer real breasts to implants… but they apparently prefer smaller breasts to large fake ones. I really think I’ve run out of pro (natural) big breast articles, which is a shame. I know I keep going on about it, but I really think that natural large breasts should not be expected to look like implanted bosoms (i.e. smooth, small-nippled and perky).

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Obsessed with Breasts is a breast cancer awareness campaign which I have mentioned before on the Breast Chronicles. It was extremely controversial, and ended up being pulled by some of its promoters. The reason? Breasts are objectified. They are used to sell everything. Magazines on subjects such as computers, cars, video games and photography liberally splash the naked or semi-clad female torso about their covers. Advertisers need to retain the breast as a sexual object in order to continue to use it to effectively sell products. That’s why they’re opposed to the use of images of the female breast being used to promote breast health. Sad but true.

posted by Charlotte # 12:21 AM

Breasts: Society is obsessed with them, and Women are objectified. Life is tough when it’s impossible to escape from Western culture’s infatuation with the ‘perfect breast’. Mammary obsession has resulted in a state of affairs where breasts are objectified to the point that women objectify themselves, where breast-feeding in public (it’s only the breasts’ primary function after all) can lead to arrest for indecent exposure, and where women can feel inadequate if their breasts fail to conform to the ‘ideal’.

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I’m thinking of changing the byline for the Breast Chronicles, so it indicates more what the site is about. After all, I came up with ‘the life and times of a pair of 34DD breasts’ before I’d thought properly about what I wanted to achieve with this site – it was barely an idea at that point, and I hadn’t considered any of the practicalities. The ones I’m considering are as follows:

» The only site offering breasts for their own sake
» 34DD: The busty point of view
» The ultimate breast resource on the web

If anyone can think of a better one – any line that captures the essence of what the Breast Chronicles are about – e-mail us with your suggestions.

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Hurrah, another link on the subject of breasts through history! Breasts Fads & fakers through the ages takes us from ancient to modern times, describing the fluctuating fashions relating to the female bust – bringing us to the present, where a thin body with large breasts is not only considered ‘ideal’, but isn’t uncommon either!

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Breast Trends. It’s kind of a boring-looking page, but if you can be bothered to look past the plain text layout, have a read through and find different surgery-free methods of breast augmentation.

posted by Charlotte # 3:36 PM

Could it be? Bored With Breasts complains that showing vast amounts of flesh (a la Playboy centrefolds) just isn’t sexy any more!

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Ooh, cleavage game! match the cleavage to the celebrity for a chance to win a DVD player or something…

posted by Charlotte # 2:51 PM

I found another first-person account of boobs! Bras and Boobs is one woman’s rant about her fluctuating weight affecting her breasts, the effects this has on her life, and the pros and cons of different bras.

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The power of boobs! I don’t know who Sable is, but she seems to be a female wrestler. Anyway, according to this article, the popularity of wrestling has increased in direct proportion to her cup size (she has undergone a series of enlargement operations, it seems).

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This is an unusual find on the internet: a long and detailed article on boobs. It goes into detail about the significance and appeal of breasts, and thoughts on the breast itself. It’s actually quite interesting!

posted by Charlotte # 2:25 PM

Meet Meema Spadola, author of Breasts: Our Most Public Private Parts and creator of the documentary film Breasts. Her aim with both the book and the film was to encourage women to have more positive feelings towards their breasts – she recognises society’s pressure on women to look a certain way and have large-but-perky breasts. It’s an interesting interview by

posted by Charlotte # 4:46 PM

Breasts have come in and out of fashion uncountable times through the last century or so. Breasts In Hollywood examines changing attitudes towards breasts and cleavage in Hollywood from silent movies right the way through to the year 2000.

posted by Charlotte # 4:57 PM

Firmer breasts for all women – tips for achieving prettier breasts using various methods – from exercise and wearing the right bra to cosmetic surgery.

posted by Charlotte # 4:23 PM

So saying, I find this article on Bras and Body Image! How women view their bras. I think there should be a campaign for women to view their bras more positively (might be helped by people wearing the right size…)

posted by Charlotte # 4:19 PM

I think I’ve exhausted the internet for interesting, breast-related links! I seriously can’t find anything else new! Perhaps I’ll have to start inviting in ‘guest breasts’ to write for the Breast Chronicles. Actually thinking about it, that might be quite a fun feature. If you’ve any thoughts, e-mail us.

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Geri Halliwell honoured for having the best breasts in showbiz according to 300 women surveyed by Pink Ribbon magazine.

posted by Charlotte # 6:42 PM

Well, everyone in Britain will have heard by now about Judy Finnigan’s ‘boob’ at the National Television Awards ceremony. Her halterneck dress became detached and the front fell away to reveal her bra! Ananova alone carries three stories on the event: Judy steals awards limelight, Judy’s cleavage is ratings winner and Richard ‘not to blame’ for Judy’s flash.

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The Fabulous Bongo Boys made me laugh, but they might be a bit controversial for our smaller-breasted readers! Still, all in good humour, eh?

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Now here’s something I’m sorry I missed out on! It seems that tonight was the night for making ‘breast-casts’ with the women’s group! Sadly, I found out about it far too late, so was unable to take part =(

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Bomb-proof bras are being developed by the military for women soldiers on the front line! Where will lingerie lead us next…

posted by Charlotte # 6:48 PM

Why are men so fascinated with breasts? Here are hundreds of answers to one of the most frequently asked questions in the world!

posted by Charlotte # 10:42 PM

Breasts and Self-Image concentrates on a couple of my ‘pet-topics’: body image and society. It examines the mammary obsession in our western culture, and explores the cultural expectations that result in a desire among women to possess ‘perfect breasts’.

posted by Charlotte # 10:31 PM

Breast Development (part of a series of articles under the heading of Project B) describes the development of the breast and mammary glands through life. Following are the articles The Mature Breast and The Aging Breast.

posted by Charlotte # 10:27 PM

Found a review for a book on boobs: Breasts: Women Speak about Their Breasts. It’s a book from the personal aspect of breasts. Originally intended to be a simple catalogue of photographs, the authors found that many of the women to be featured were eager to talk about their breasts. Unfortunately this book is no longer in print, but the review is still interesting.

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Well today I narrowly avoided spilling out all over the place! This morning as I was dressing, I noticed that the pink leopard-print vest top that I’ve been wearing a lot recently had one strap almost coming off! So I put that aside for fixing and wore something else.

posted by Charlotte # 10:18 PM

Woohoo! There’s a nice old bitch fight happening down at the poll message area (on the issue of implants). Come and join us – just please don’t mistake my good-natured posts for anything serious, yeah? But ‘Mouse’ is quite determined, let me tell you. So come support her, whatever… I can’t wait til I have my own message board for this sort of thing! 😉

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The lactating feminist. The author is almost offended that it’s seen as a huge feminist statement that she’s chosen to nurse her child. Well after all, it’s hardly what breasts are meant for, is it – actually feeding a baby?!

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Wonderbra of Wimbledon – Anna Kournikova billboards proclaim the utility and beauty of the sports bra. Maybe when I’m famous, I’ll win contracts to advertise and endorse bras too! 😉

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Awaiting surgery to remove a lump, I’m thinking not about losing a breast but about having them. The beauty and power of breasts and everything about them.

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Last night I had a thought to organise the links page of the Zine into themed sections. I’ve found a fair few articles since the birth of the Breast Chronicles, and I think it would be worthwhile. I also realised that I’ve hardly said anything specifically about the breasts for a while now… since I chickened out of the ‘experiment’ last week. Well hey, perhaps some busty girls can send me some tips on using your breasts to get what you want! Even submit an article…

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Alright, now I’m deliberately following the plastic surgery theme. contains everything you ever wanted to know about breast augmentation surgery!

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Brits love Tits apparently – and it’s resulting in a huge rise in breast augmentation operations.

posted by Charlotte # 11:50 PM

Okay it’s a little out of date, but this article explores the possible reasons behind Pamela Anderson’s decision to get her career-making implants removed. The article also details the procedure involved in removing breast implants.

posted by Charlotte # 11:37 PM

Yet another (although unintentional) implant-themed link – but Betsey Johnson decided she was better off without after all!

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If you want to comment on the current poll (breast implants), go to the poll message area. I will be moving the Breast Chronicles to any day now with a bit of luck, where there will be a bulletin board for discussion of breast-related subjects including plastic surgery.

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It looks as though the topic for this week is breast augmentation! It’s funny how I often end up following loose themes through… Anyway, this link is to information about surgery and alternative methods to increase and enhance your bust.

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Good Housekeeping’s Best Bra Guide

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We have a new poll on the website! Breast implants have featured as a topic several times recently, so I thought I would gather some opinions from my visitors. Admittedly the categories are a little limited – you might think that breast cancer victims and people whose chests are causing them esteem problems should be entitled. If that’s the case, I suppose you just vote either that you’re in favour or decide who’s the most deserving! View current results.

posted by Charlotte # 12:51 AM Workout Wear has a bra search to find the bra that best suits your activity, giving options for style and support level (sadly, they don’t go beyond a DD). The site also has an option to shop by body type, which details the most practical and flattering clothes & sports bras for tall, short, busty, hippy, boyish, curvy, pregnant and plus-size women.

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Breast Implants. You know by now that I’m opposed to them (with exceptions already outlined). This page describes the reasons for and cultural effect of breast implants. There are two main types of breast augmentation surgery – inserting the implant on top of the chest muscle or underneath it. Placing the plastic bag underneath the muscle gives a more natural impression. The procedures are described (with examples) in Over and Under Options.

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On the Breast Chronicles, I’ve repeatedly looked into the mystery of the sexual attraction of breasts – and here’s some more! Female Breasts and Sexual Attraction. And there are even loads of pictures of scantily-clad women! Cultural differences in breast perception also hold quite an interest for me… However, the culture that is rarely mentioned is British. American attitudes are often compared to European, but Britain isn’t like the rest of Europe. But we’re not as puritanical as America. We fall somewhere in between I think. Just a thought.

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I love it when I find articles by people on what it’s like to have big boobs. It’s great to be able to empathise.

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While going in search of new breast-related articles, I came accross Hissy Fit wherein I found an article on bras: Breast Dressed.

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The Breasts and I would like to announce that we just received an e-mail from FHM to tell me that I’ve made it as an entrant into the jug-o-meter 2 competition. We’d like to thank everyone who wrote in on our behalf. And don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that the Breast Chronicles is going to close down! (it does mean that you might get the chance to see my baps!)

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If you don’t think you know enough about breasts already, take a look at Breasts and Cleavage… well, the most interesting thing I found was ‘self massage’ =)

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Okay, there are another two articles – by guest writers – to come to the Zine. I’ll get them up tonight with any luck.

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I’m not entirely sure of the appropriateness of including this article on the Breast Chronicles, but I’ve always promised to publish anything breast-related, so here’s Chandler’s Memories of Cleavage.

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