On natural beauty, implants…

On natural beauty, implants and perkiness

I still don’t understand how we are supposed (we = women, specifically) to accept and embrace our breasts, whatever their shape and size, when the media are constantly bombarding us with a model of perfect breasts which, IMHO, is unattainable by most women!

For example, women smaller on top are bombarded with images of women with large breasts as the images of sexy women. And then, when the media finally talk of how sexy a woman of a medium-to-small chest is and that you start thinking of how being in the “flat” side can be extremely sexy, then… soon thereafter… you find out that those “thin”-sexy women have just decided to get implants! An example: brazilian model Gisele Bündchen. She is taaaaaaaall, and thin and WAS flat chested. She has an exotic look to her that a lot of people find attractive… and then she got implants. And now she is a skinny tall woman with relatively big breasts. She was sexy before that, but she had (?) to get implants… how are women with rather flat chests to feel about their bodies? like they need to be bigger on top to be considered really sexy and have success?!

Now, let’s talk of the rather well endowed women… with natural breasts, I mean.

Supposedly, they should be more than happy with what should be seen as a blessing. BUT – yes, there is a but! – it doesn’t matter their boobs are big, they still are not perfect enough… because the boobs that are praised by magazines and media still are those perky gravity-defying boobs that just naturally don’t go with natural big breasts of a woman above 20 years old. Just like someone in the breastbook said, perky boobs belong to either very young women, VERY young, either to women with implants.

So the women naturally bigger on top usually don’t feel like they are sexy enough either. They are bombarded with the notion (and their husbands and boyfriends and male friends as well) that their boobs should stay in the teenager-perky phase, but have the size of a mature well endowed woman. So they have to start thinking of lifting surgery, implants to get them perkier, etc.

And then, why ignore them, there are the women whom underwent a breast augmentation operation. They are usually very happy with the results, and I think both the flat chested and the big chested of us kind of envy them for having the big, perky boobs we all dream of… yet, they also have to suffer from the discrimination that comes from other women and men who think “oh, look how superficial she is, she got a boob job!, she put her own health in danger for aesthetic reasons!”, or “oh, if I touch a woman and find out that her boobs are fake, I will leave her right away”, and suchlike.

And so on, we ALL have ambigous and distressing feelings about the way our breasts look:

“should I get a lift?”
“should I get implants?”
“should I get implants even though I am well endowed?”
“why did I have to go through surgery to feel ok? I wish I had higher self esteem”

And of course, most women without implants, no matter in what side of the size scale, we tend to harbor both pity, admiration, envy and resentment feelings toward the ones that did get implants!

And when it comes to guys… well, I don’t understand them! they talk of how they love natural breasts, yet they tend to admire the ones that are silicone made?! (not all men, but a bigger and bigger amount of them!) and sometimes criticize “how low they hang” when they see a naturally well endowed woman.

Geez, it is all too complicated and too confusing! It is hard to get to accept our bodies as they are…

by Helen from Uruguay