Say It Loud and Say It Proud

Say It Loud and Say it Proud: Breasts

Breast. It’s probably one of the most delicious words to say out loud. Go on. Say it right now. Enunciate that one syllable, relish the sound, roll that word in your mouth and feel the fullness of it (no pun intended).

Didn’t that feel and sound nice?

Just recently, I noticed that a lot of people avoid that word like the plague. They can say boobs, jugs, melons, tits, hooters, and most disgusting of all, at least in my opinion, bust. But people rarely say breasts, if at all. To say it out loud would cause scandalized heads to swivel in your direction, eyes widened in shock at your audacity. If you said boobs, however, no one would bat an eyelash.

At least that’s what always happened to me. People would talk about a girl with enormous ‘boobs’ and when I start talking about a girl with very nice ‘breasts’ they’d shut up and ask, “What did you say?” Every time I say ‘breasts’, I’d get that same horrified reaction: “Goodness, Lynn, that’s so vulgar!”

I can’t think of a single reason for the aversion towards the word ‘breasts’. Maybe it’s too scientific or medical a term to use? Heck no. A more disgustingly serious term would be ‘mammary glands’, and I can understand why people wouldn’t want to use that term.

Perhaps it’s because breasts have always been thought of as cute little (or big) playthings. Some people consider them as objects of amusement and pleasure and are therefore given fun nicknames. Some people see them more as tools for seduction and for showing off rather than ordinary functioning body parts.

I’m not saying that people should completely forget about using he playful terms for breasts. We all know how fun it is to use these terms during moments of…fun (you know what I mean). All I’m saying is that people need to be less uptight about calling breasts by their true names.

So let the word dance in your mouth again, and say it loud and say it proud: BREASTS.

by Lynn Lopez