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The Breast Chronicles Staff

Charlotte and her breasts

I wasn’t going to post a picture here at first, for various reasons. But I thought that if anyone were to be able to relate to the writings on the site, it would be easier if they could visualise the writer! The Breast Chronicles weblog is written by me – other staff (mostly temporary, supplying just one article) contribute to the webzine.

Giles (sans breasts!)

In the other corner representing the male demographic’s view on breasts… call me a pervert and maybe I’ll agree, however I have enjoyed this site for a long time now lets face it Charlottes Breasts are an incredible specimen of web site creativity. I have a view on (sure I do) almost every aspect of breasts, and don’t mind sharing, especially now my conversion to loving large breasts is almost complete.


I’m basically the teenage addition to The Breast Chronicles staff. In other words,I’m the outcast 😉 I’m 17, I play guitar, and I plan on being a theatre major once I start College. I’ve written for many online webzines, but TBC has got to be the most original, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

If you want to get involved with the Breast Chronicles, please feel free to consider contributing! You must offer TBC at least two articles before you will be considered permanent staff.