Current Projects

Current Projects

If you would like to participate in any of the projects currently being undertaken at the Breast Chronicles, please e-mail me.

Bra Exchange Project

Lost weight recently? Gone on the pill and shot up three cup sizes? Finally realised you’ve been wearing the wrong bra all these years? It’s a shame to waste those nearly-new bras you just bought, so rather than try and squeeze into an ill-fitting undergarment, why not arrange to swap or donate to someone else whom it’ll fit properly?

Vitamin A Experiment

I’ve read that vitamin A can help reduce stretch marks, as it stimulates the renewal process of epidermal cells which result in a thickening of the epidermis, and improves skin elasticity. The skin on the breasts is very delicate, and the weight of the breasts themselves are constantly stretching it – so it’s possible that vitamin A treatment will improve – or at least maintain – perkiness.

Arnica Experiment

On the recommendation of one of the photographers I’ve worked with, I’m using arnica gel on my breasts. Arnica supposedly increases blood flow, and can help increase breast size or firm up the tissue… apparently. Anyway, I’m hoping that using it in conjunction with the chest exercises I’m doing it will improve the appearance of my bust. I will obviously report here if it has any effect! If any volunteers would like to take part in this mini-experiment, please e-mail me.