The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.

Busty is out, boyish is chic and a girl’s best friend is no longer her wonderbra. The icons of today’s society are bred of extremes. The bodacious, curvaceous pin-ups of the fifties have been replaced by sleek, svelte starlets and pumped-up (I’m feeling alliterative today).

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Here is another entry especially dedicated to the minimally endowed. Fleuri is an on-line lingerie boutique specializing in great looking A and AA bras for “women who don’t need much.”

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Who say’s that money can’t buy happiness? One buyer will end up with a 34B bra designed by, a much cheekier that I ever thought, Jennifer Aniston, while the most downloaded woman on the internet, Danni Ashe, is offering all her fans the opportunity to squeeze her 32FF boobs!

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Will Hooters Air bounce along or go bust?. Hooters Restaurants feature waitresses known by the delightfully, politically-incorrect term of Hooters Girls. They wear uniforms of short shorts and tight tank tops, which display their “hooters”, American redneck slang for breasts. According to legend, a group of young business professionals sitting at their local watering hole one evening cooked up the Hooters concept, visualizing a restaurant where the menu was limited, but the waitresses were amply endowed. Indeed, the owl logo added just the right in-your-face wink and a way to justify the name. The legend may or may not be true, but the concept works. Hooters dot the landscape as one of the most successful theme restaurants and now the company has found the support it needs to launch Hooters Air. In addition to the three full-fledged flight attendants, two Hooters Girls will assist with food and beverages, the company said.

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I posted a while back about the development of a smart bra that provides women with extra support during strenuous activity such as exercise. Well, it seems that the team of scientists is also working with doctors at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital on a glove for people with hand injuries which uses tiny electric signals to help patients clench their hands and pick things up. See – this is why research into bras is good!

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A Swedish stripper has been told by a court she can’t claim the cost of breast surgery against her taxes.She had listed the cost of the surgery as a business expense, claiming that the “size and shape” of her breasts were crucial to her income as a stripper.

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A Chilean porn star has promised to flash her fellow MPs if her election campaign is successful. Reichel says if elected she will flash her breasts every time rival politicians begin to argue over legislation.

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