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The Breast Boutique

REALLY Coming soon: a selection of Breast Chronicles merchandise including T-shirts, mousepads and mugs, featuring artwork by Paul Taylor.

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Book – Woman: An Intimate Geography

Natalie Angier has a witty and evocative style of writing, making the book enjoyable to read as well as informative. The book is packed with information and insights into the way a woman’s body works. Personally, I found the chapters on breasts extremely interesting. It’s definitely worth a read. price: $12.00

Film – Breast Men (VHS)

Based on actual, if enhanced, facts, this bouncy comedy stars David Schwimmer and Chris Cooper as the Texas surgeons who pumped up women’s profiles by inventing silicone breast implants in 1962. Dispensing scathing social commentary, this follows the mismatched and rather unsympathetic pair over three decades. It’s nothing much you didn’t already know, but interesting and entertaining all the same, being neither pro nor anti breast implants. price: $9.94