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Breasts hold a fascination for men that women will possibly never understand or share. Boobs have been a source of fascination for as long as there have been people around to document it. And a source of confusion, distress, and eventually acceptance for the women who bear them. Breasts are unique as a body part, in that they have so many different aspects associated with them: predominantly food, sex, fashion, cancer.

And yet, everyone is shy of them. There are worryingly few (non-pornographic) breast resources on the internet, which is why I decided to start this webzine. Credits are given to guest writers unless withheld at the request of the author.

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Personal Breast

The British Breasts Are Coming (by Stacy)
An American with British Breasts?

What Women Want (by Lorna Morgan)
A personal account of the social aspects of having very big boobs.

On natural beauty, implants and perkiness (by Helen from Uruguay)
A rant about today’s “beauty culture” and the portrayal of breasts in the media.

Best Dressed Breasts (by Charlotte)
A constant problem of those in possession of large breasts is how to dress to flatter them.

Blossoming breasts, bras and denial (by Lynn Lopez)
On aquiring breasts before being entirely ready for them… and getting used to them.

Bust Dreams (by Attila)
Being a statuesque 36F – it has its inevitable downsides, but in the end, it’s who you are.

Coming To Terms (by Ambur)
On the experience of having large breasts through high school.

Facts versus Misconception (by Charlotte)
The truth about having big breasts: debunking the rumours put about by the PR machines of the small-breasted.

Breast Size (by Tiff Unger)
Getting used to your chest… and relaxing.

Great Breast by (Naomi Montana)
A first-person account of ‘great breast’ and self-awareness.

Breasts as Functional Hardware by (A. Beegle)
A first-person account of using breasts as they were intended: to nourish one’s infant.

Breast Confidence (by Charlotte)
In response to the amount of feedback I get asking how I “have the courage” to do what I’m doing with The Breast Chronicles.

Fried Eggs (by Katy Lindemann)
The trials and tribulations of the minimally appendaged.

Storm in a double-D cup (by Charlotte)
Big tits: a rant. The trials of the small-breastees are well-known, and the advantages well-publicised. But as for the generously endowed..?

Sexual Breasts

Breast Sex part A (by Charlotte)
Breasts and sex: Advice for men on how to handle a breast.

Breast Sex part B (by Charlotte)
Sex with breasts: Big-breasted bedroom fun for well-endowed women and their partners.

Bras and Lingerie

The Importance of the Right Bra (by Charlotte)
Statistics show that bra sizes are increasing, but an estimated 60-80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra.

Measuring how much bras minimise bounce (by Jeffrey Winkler)
A scientific paper on sports bras and breast bounce.

Lingerie Online (by Charlotte)
A review of various online lingerie retailers stocking D+ cup sizes.

A Plethora of Bras (by Ambur)
A look at women’s lingerie preferences.

Buying Lingerie (by Neale Talbot)
A guide for men on purchasing the lingerie of your lady’s dreams (and when to do it).

Over-the-shoulder boulder-holders (by Charlotte)
Bras: a history, from the earliest handkerchief and ribbon contraption through to the gel-filled cleavage enhancers of today.

Breasts and Men

What Every Man Should Do… (by Ramón)
To help and reassure his partner in her breast-related insecurities.

Beauty and the Breast (by Todd)
An in-depth – and sensitive – study of what’s attractive about breastage, from a male point of view.

Memories of Cleavage (by Chandler)
Breast-by-breast account of a life.

I Want! (by [email protected])
A man’s experiences of achieving the breasts he wanted.

A Man’s View (by Leigh Flanigan)
A second male perspective on the subject of breasts.

32B or 36D: That is the Question (by Giles)
What makes a good breast – does size matter?

One Guy’s views on Tits (by Leila)
A quick survey.

A Theory on the Nipple (by Matthew Wade)
What makes the nipple attractive to men.

General Breast-related Stuff

Say It Loud and Say It Proud: Breasts (by Lynn Lopez)
Why should such a delicious word as ‘breasts’ be taboo to say aloud?

The Breasts in my Camera (by David Johnson)
Why the naked female breast is one of the most popular images in fine art photography.

Gilding The Lily (by Vincent Errol Hemingson)
How to improve on the perfection of the female breast? Adorn it.

American television, censorship and breasts (by Dkr. “Malibu” Barbie Geddyn)
Why must we censor the female breast?

Breast Cancer: A Closer Look (by Ambur)
A brief overview of the disease which affects thousands of women a year.

What Is Average (by Dr O. S.)
On what makes an average breast – does such a thing even exist?

Faking It (by Giles)
On the calculated deception of push-up bras – don’t do it, says Giles.

Breasts In Comic Books (by Matt Wade)
A study of the portrayal of women (and their breasts) in comic book art.

Frequently Asked Questions (by Charlotte)
Questions that have been asked about the Breast Chronicles.

A-Z of Breasts (by Charlotte)
An alphabet of boobs and breast-related topics.

Building Bigger Breasts (by Leslie Smith)
Breast Enlargement, the natural way. Heat stimulation can encourage breast growth.

Tura Satana (by a bloke)
A Well-built Machine Ahead of Her Time.

The Etymology of Breasts (by Charlotte)
Breasts: A linguistic study.

Breasts and Feminism (by Charlotte)
The impact of breasts on feminist ideals – can you celebrate your cleavage and still consider yourself a feminist?

Breasts: a Phenomenon (by Charlotte)
Article on the marvel of breasts and the fascination they hold across the board in Western culture.