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Breasts and sex (advice for big-breasted women)

PREFACE: This article is not intended offend the small-breasted. It is intended, however, to show big breasts as a fun sexual accessory and to share strategies, tips, tricks, and techniques with other well-endowed women. Ultimately, it's about enjoying your boobs! You only get one pair. And after all, God wouldn't have given you maracas if He didn't want you to shake them!

Do big breasts make a difference during sex? Well, I won't lie to you. I've always had big breasts and I know that there are a number of very important advantages to having them (more advantages than disadvantages by far, I think). My bosomy buddies and I see all this -- cleavage, breasts, sexuality - as a great gift; a bonus to all the other good things we have to offer. We have something - two somethings - that men desperately want. There are so many ways we can pleasure our partners (and even ourselves) with our breasts - that's why men fantasise about big boobs. They find not just arousal but comfort and relief from anxiety in the breast - from fondling the breasts, the warmth of the chest, nuzzling their head in the cleavage, and sucking the nipples. There are men who prefer small breasts, but they're not men who prefer breasts; they prefer that breasts not get in the way!

There is also the fact that large breasts are simply a lot of fun to play with. This might seem like common knowledge to small-breasted woman whose PR machines have been trying to debunk this fact for decades. Whether he's grabbing more than a handful, or trying to get more than the very end into his mouth (never works!), it's a turn-on watching your partner's hands or mouth on your breasts (and it makes you feel super-feminine and powerful). He can suck on both your nipples at the same time, simply by holding your breasts together (and it feels so good!). But men just don't like to grab just more then a handful, they love to play with the abundant flesh that comes in breasts. And afterwards there's always a super-comfy pillow to rest his head on.

Before anyone says anything, I'm not saying that the small-breasted cannot satisfy their partners in bed. But no one can deny the versatility that big breasts offer in a sexual encounter. While I do not wish to be tacky and tasteless here (ha ha), let's face it: Cleavage is one of the best gifts God gave women -- when cleavage walks in, everything else disappears! And there is a certain sexual activity (inter-mammary intercourse or between-the-breasts sex ) which can be performed by boob-blessed chicks which is not possible for those blessed with breasts like fried eggs.

Having large tits comes in very handy if you want to try between-the-breasts sex (officially called coitus a mammalia, commonly called "tit-fucking" or "a tit-wank", neither particularly attractive expressions!). It's a different sort of intimacy to normal sex, and it can be highly erotic for a guy to orgasm right there on your breasts. You can actually watch him ejaculating, which can be a real turn-on, and you or he can rub it into your skin afterwards [trying not to sound *too* pornographic!]

If you want to make sex better for your man, there's little he'll enjoy more than a good session of between-the-breasts sex (and he'll definitely show his appreciation). It can be a delicious hors d'oeuvre, the entree, or dessert on your lovemaking menu, and one you shouldn't overlook - if you have big breasts then make the most of them, and he'll greatly appreciate the gift. If you find yourself in one of those places where oral sex is an option - i.e., an aeroplane WC, office stationary cupboard - then between-the-breasts sex can be an ideal quick-and-go job. How often you choose this kind of sex or how far you go with it is up to you, though. It's equally good in the following positions: enjoy and experiment accordingly.

Man on top

How it's done: You're on your back and he's on top in this X-Rated variation of the basic missionary position. Here's the twist: he places his penis between your breasts. Either you or he can press the breasts together - wrap them around the penis (the head should protrude clear, just below your chin). He gets to control the thrusts while you control the pressure by squeezing your breasts together with your hands. When he ejaculates, the semen splits into two parts and drips down both sides of your neck - the "pearly necklace", a male fantasy come true! He can also turn around, slide his penis between your breasts, and perform oral sex while you massage his penis with your breasts and (if you want) lick his testicles. It puts his head and hands in better alignment for oral sex, and it's more comfortable for your neck than doing conventional 69.

Why he'll love it: He can lean forward and put his hands on the wall or bedstead for balance (also ideal for annoying your neighbours, as the headboard whacks the wall with every stroke). Plus if he's strong enough, he can even free up a hand to stroke your breasts - that is, if he can put his mind to two things at once!

Why you'll love it: Even though he's controlling the show, this is a good position for various reasons. You both get a prime view of the action. It's a great opportunity to show off your breasts, and it's easy to hold them in place (unless you're some freak of nature, the laws of gravity will make this position pointless without some manual intervention). While you're massaging his penis with your breasts, take mental notes of both the length and speed of his thrusts (so you can get an idea of what he likes and can duplicate it when it's your turn).

Bonus turn-on tip: He can wrap your breasts together with a length of clingfilm (saran wrap for Americans) or PVC tape (available from Ann Summers -- that leaves your hands free to fondle his testicles!


How it's done: You'll both get your just desserts with this simple variation of the basic man-on-top position. Both partners lie on their sides facing each other, with you lower down, obviously. Snuggle his penis between your breasts and then the fun begins!

Why he'll love it: All the advantages of man-on-top, but with the added bonus that you can use your free hand to tenderly squeeze and release his testicles in rhythm to his thrusting -- an erotic move he may not expect but one that'll make him moan even more!

Why you'll love it: Your bodies keep the lower breast in place, so you only need one hand to press the breasts together. If your bloke's finding the sight of you too hot to handle, and is showing his enthusiasm a tad too early, this is a slow-building position that allows him to thrust easily and for a long time without climaxing. It's comfortable for both partners with plenty of skin-to-skin contact and cuddling too.

Bonus turn-on tip: Men are simple - they love surprises. Just when he's about to explode in ecstasy (when he least expects it), take his penis inside your mouth for a sexy surprise he won't forget!

Woman on top

How it's done: Your partner lies down on the bed flat on his back. You kneel between his legs and hang your breasts over his penis, then work backwards and forwards. If he likes the sensation of having his penis patted or slapped against something, you can gently rub the supersensitive head against your nipples and gently slap the shaft against your breasts. Frankly, this requires quite a lot of work to keep the penis and the breasts in place. It can work, but there's a fair chance his penis will pop out a few times. You can also lie on top of him and hold his penis between your breasts. Then he can rub your back and shoulders while he thrusts comfortably and easily (when he gets excited, he'll wrap his calves around your legs and thrust faster). A long, teasing, attentive session of between-the-breasts sex is enough to bring most men to a powerful climax. If you'd rather feel his orgasm inside you, bring him to the brink then slide on top of him. You can also turn around and hold his penis between your breasts. Then he can perform oral sex on you while you massage his penis with your breasts and play with his testicles.

Why he'll love it: Not ones for strenuous activity, men maintain erections longest while flat on their backs. It's different, and it has a nice element of mutual bondage as you're holding each other in place. Plus, he'll get superb views of your breasts and enjoy the thrill of being passively pleasured.

Why you'll love it: Your breasts will have a natural "heft", instead of disappearing into your armpits like in the man-on-top position. Feeling playful? Give him a big boob surprise, some 'tit-boxing.' Basically, you sit astride your man (he can either be sitting or lying down, but having big boobs means that you don't even need the extra volume of breast that's afforded by leaning forward). Anyway, you basically move your shoulders back and forth so that your breasts hit his face alternately. To be honest, this is more a treat for your man, but it's fun watching the expression on his face.

Bonus turn-on tip: Building up your partner's pleasure with massage is always a winner, but it doesn't have to centre on the typical erogenous zones. Instead, put on a show for him by pouring a generous amount of lubricant over your breasts and cleavage (men love to watch, so prop him up and he'll get a full view of all the goodies you've got!). Either lean back and rub it around yourself (this is a sensuous way to show him how you like to be touched), or lean forward and have him do it for you (now he can show you what he's learned!). Then, keeping your hands at your side or behind your back, caress his body (all except for his penis) with your breasts. Run your nipples up and down his body in a very slow, sensuous, and teasing manner. Take ages and he'll be in for a bed-rocker of an orgasm. Once he's totally relaxed, rub your breasts against his penis as the lube applicator, and he'll happily rise to the occasion.

Man sitting, woman kneeling

How it's done: Give him some erotic eye candy he'll never forget. Your guy sits on a chair, edge of the bed, or couch, and you kneel on a soft cushion between his legs. (You can even kneel on the bed or floor, sitting on your feet while he climbs onto your lap, so he's straddling you with his knees bent and feet spread far apart - this puts his bottom on your legs, and his penis level with your breasts.) Lean forward and position your 'twins' so they're pressed together around his penis. (If he's having trouble getting his penis to stand up to attention, make him stand up instead. When he lies on his back, gravity draws blood away from his erection, so getting him upright while you're sitting should help him get, er, upright.) Move your pressed-together breasts up and down the shaft (remember to duplicate both the length and speed of his thrusts). To make him see stars, you'll need to do more than a bit of random jiggling (get those big breasts bouncing!). Start with slow, shallow thrusts, then use deeper thrusts (by varying your thrusts, it's more toe-curling for him). Repeat until boiling point. The idea is to stimulate his penis with a continuous stroke.

Why he'll love it: Three words: "big tit sex". This position is a firm favourite with most men. If his head is propped up with a pillow, he gets a full-frontal va-va-voom view of your breasts moving up and down his penis with each thrust - a surefire guy turn that'll fuel his fantasies for days! He'll also see the incredibly lusty looks on your face and know that you are not only enjoying what you're doing (which will completely turn him on) but that you are in total control.

Why you'll love it: You'll get bragging rights just by being able to do this one - it's the ultimate female-power position. But if it's longer sex you're after, this position may not be the greatest of ideas. The problem is that you have the control, and it'll drive him wild - cue speedy climax. So go easy, girl. While he's staring at your breasts and mouthing "Wow," remember to control the pace and keep him from peaking too quickly.

Bonus turn-on tip: His body's going rigid, his thighs and stomach are tensed - he's just at the brink of blastoff, but you don't want him to go beyond the point of no return. Once you've spotted the signs, stop moving and let it pass before carrying on. After three rounds of tempting and teasing him like this, he'll be moaning loudly, begging you to keep going. When you're ready for him to hit his passion peak, press your breasts together tightly and use drive-him-wild long thrusts. He'll spend the rest of the night thanking you!