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Facts and Misconceptions about Large Breasts

I'm not going to say that this is an article about facts and myths, because a lot of it consists of common misconceptions which small-breasted people think apply to all busty girls (where they may apply to some, and even then often only in a minor way).

Boob Fact: Big breasts bounce
Unless they're made of plastic or the bearer is wearing a pretty robust sports bra, big boobs will bounce. Even at just a brisk walk, this causes some - mild, but most certainly unwelcome - discomfort.

Misconception: Having large breasts causes the bearer back pain
Myself, I have never experienced any pain or discomfort in my back due to the size of my breasts. I believe the majority of women who do suffer back pain do so as a result of wearing an ill-fitting or badly-designed bra. This is not to say that I don't believe anyone has pains because of their breast-size.

Misconception: Lying on one's front is prohibited by large breasts
Another rumour that has been perpetuated by the PR teams for the small-chested is that women with big boobs can't lie on their front. Well whyever not? I'm perfectly happy lying on my front (I wouldn't be able to sunbathe properly if I was incapable of lying on my front!) - it just means that I have to position my breasts correctly so that they are not being squished uncomfortably.

Boob Fact: Fashion is designed in a B-cup
One of my most common rants is that it's hard to find clothes to fit. All the pretty summer tops are designed to look fantastic on a B-cupped woman - they look horribly trampy on a busty girl. But it's not simply that clothes don't exist for my breast size, it's that the assumption is made that if you've got boobs, you're fat. And I most certainly am not, thank you very much!

Misconception: Eye-contact with men is impossible
One of the most commonly-mentioned problems about having large breasts is the fact that men supposedly don't make eye-contact with you. To be honest (though I'll admit that I'm not the most observant person in the world), I've never noticed this happen to me. People will glance, yes, but I've yet to have an experience where a man holds a whole conversation - or even a significant part of one - with my chest. People are generally more polite than that.

Boob Fact: Sex is best with breast
Before anyone says anything, I'm not saying that the flat-chested cannot satisfy their partners in bed. But no-one can deny the versatility that large breasts offer in a sexual encounter - that's why so many men fantasise about big boobs. There's something to grab hold of. Masturbation by breast can be a very sensuous experience. And afterwards there's always a super-comfy pillow to rest his head on.