The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
Think you can tell the natural from the silicone? Then take the silicon challenge. Hint: Look out for a 'crease' (instead of a smooth curve) around the top of the breast. And if they look too big and perky to be true, then they generally are.

A Norwegian artist is looking for women to take plaster moulds of their nipples for his latest project. He intends to call his new work "The First Meal" and wants to feature 99 impressions of nipples. "I want to pay tribute to women and the caring values they stand for," he says. He does not expect the women to take off their clothes for him, and the moulds can be made in private.

Swarovski crystals and tulle? Mmm, want.

The ongoing debate about whether moderate drinking is good for you or not. On the one hand, we're told that a drink a day increases the risk of breast cancer, while on the other hand, recent research has shown that drinking white wine helps shed fat.

We never can have enough good news when it comes to the fight against breast cancer! Here is some information about a newly discovered breast cancer gene. The more the scientific community understand about what causes the cancer the closer we will be to finding a cure! On a side note, Asdas 'Tickled Pink' (Breast cancer research supporting) Pink Wine is very nice (Just a shame it isn't always available when I go there!)

How about it guys, buy your significant other a chocolate bra - All the fun of breasts and chocolate in one! There is of course a small issue of the cost....

You really know when something is becomming an important issue to the public when the simpsons have an espisode about it. Aparently Marge Simpson gets a boob job in a new episode of the simpsions.

Italian restorers working in a Roman church have unveiled two bare-breasted sculptures which have been covered for almost 150 years. When the bronze "corsets" were removed this year, restorers found the marble underneath the covers had not been touched - to their great surprise. Usually the parts would get chipped off as well as covered over.

Fab bra retailers Bravissimo have commissioned a new champagne glass. They feel the traditional glass, rumoured to be based on the diminutive boobs of Marie Antoinette and equivalent to an A or B cup, is now out of date. They have commissioned a generous 550ml glass - equivalent to a D cup.

When a nice girl proclaims her sexual availability on a T-shirt, the message isn't as straightforward as it seems. The new wave of slogan t-shirts have more than a touch of the ironic, inviting people to look at a girls' chest whilst simultaneously reminding them they shouldn't.

A French woman got so upset at being searched at an airport that she stripped to the waist and then received a $2 fine ($1 for each misdemeanour, her breasts counting for one each, apparently!) plus court costs for public indecency.

Is less really more? Not according to German beauty queen Sandra Griep, who despite winning the title of Miss East Germany hasn't been flooded with offers of modelling work and blames her B-cup breasts.

A Sri Lankan widower has attracted the attention of doctors for his ability to breastfeed his young daughter. Mr B Wijeratne, from Walapanee, near Colombo, took to breastfeeding her soon after his wife died three months ago while giving birth to their second child. The ability in men to breast-feed is, obviously, unusual, but by no means unheard-of.