The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
Hurrah for Charnos - they've brought out another attractive range of lingerie called Desire. It includes balconette style (up to FF) and Bioform (up to G) bras, a padded bustier (up to DD) plus thong and brief pants.

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A porn star has been warned her silicone implants could be damaged when she steps into the ring with Samantha Fox for a televised boxing match.

Well after some extensive research at, I can conclude that the most popular breasts are medium-large in size, and, in general, the perkier the better (extremely obvious implants were rated above average, scoring higher than naturally big breasts). Although to be fair, almost none of the photos I saw were actually rated below about 3/10. Which just goes to show that, in the greater scheme of things, all boobs are good boobs. (P.S. a lot of these girls are flashing a bit more than their rack, which may or may not be affecting their scores)

Rocker Rod Stewart has given the thumbs up to a saucy range of gel-filled push-up underwear displayed by his girlfriend Penny Lancaster.

Breast Fest 2002 was not only about exotic dancers getting nekkid for the lads, but also a reminder of how breast cancer affects women of all ages. "Women, all women, have to deal with breast cancer at some time or another," says organiser Stephanie Granader. Justifying the use of strippers to bring attention to the cause, Granader says, ""Sex sells, and you know, if there are beautiful women, hopefully men will come."

Looking for the perfect fit. If you've been reading the Breast Chronicles for longer than five minutes you'll know by now that the majority of women wear ill-fitting bras. Part of the reason for this, as studies have shown, is that every woman has a totally unique pair of breasts - a pectoral fingerprint, if you like. Unfortunately, however, commercial reality makes the invention of a biomechanically and anatomically perfect bra a low priority for manufacturers. "The fact is people compromise," says Berlei's Dean, "It's like shoes - everyone's got a pair that doesn't fit properly but they keep them in the closet. They're not all that comfy but we still wear them. Bras are just the same." Of course, in the case of non-standard cup-sizes (AA, A, DD and up) we're sometimes forced to compromise through a lack of availability of anything better (if you really really want that beautiful bra, you either have to make do with one that's a couple of sizes too small or go without).

Kylie's bra proved very popular at the breast cancer charity auction event and managed to singlehandedly raise 2,400 for Breast Cancer Care. Supermodel Elle MacPherson's got 650, singer Holly Valance's raised 550, and Nell McAndrew's (together in a lot with Christine Hamilton's) sold for 550.

Evidence has emerged that teenage girls who smoke could be increasing their risk of breast cancer in later life by 70%.

The Brava DIY breast enlargement system is finally available in the UK. The device uses vacuum pressure to stimulate breast growth, and is the first that enables women to enlarge their own breasts without drugs or surgery. The inventor says "Some get results faster than others, but if you use it correctly, you grow, there is no exception." He also assures us that there is absolutely no evidence of any increased risk of cancer cell growth.

Unscrupulous breeders are giving cows gas or liquid "breast implants" before beauty pageants that determine the cows' worth based on their milk-producing capacity. But veterinarians have developed a way to use ultrasound to reveal these implants. Vet Robert O'Brien told the paper: "We think we could clean up the Miss America contest with the same technology."

gymnophobia - morbid fear of the sight of the naked body. If you have gymnophobia I don't suggest that you visit this site - but if you don't then you'll find it houses a really good selection of nipple related material (and a link right back to here - shows you we know what we are talking about)

Apparently Hugh Hefner wants to feature fewer naked women in Playboy. He's hoping that more people will actually buy the magazine for the articles. Er, yeah right.

Hey, great new law in Florida regarding public nudity: women must cover at least one quarter of their breasts. Does that mean you can get away with half of one breast covered? Fits the guidelines. Or you could feasibly adhere to the regulations by wearing a peephole bra...

Can breast size really increase by having them fondled? Denise Van Outen seems to think so. Or it could just be because she's gaining weight again, due to "eating more and training less"...

Liz Hurley flipped the switch to change the face of Harrod's in the name of breast cancer awareness. Dressed in pink she, along with Mohammed Al Fayed and chairman of Estee Lauder, Leonard A Lauder, inaugurated the new set of fairy lights that famously light up Knightsbridge. It's only the third time in the store's 153-year history that the colour of the bulbs has been changed.

It's breast cancer awareness month! And celebrities are doing their bit for the cause. Original Bond Girl Ursula Andress will be among the female celebs auctioning their bras. Other signed bras will come from Nell McAndrew and Kylie Minogue, and the auction will be held at the new Warner Village Cinema at Fulham Broadway, London on Tuesday, October 8.