The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
Why are breasts round? Maybe its because its the shape that liquids take on naturally (think raindrop) or maybe, as a researcher in London University College's anthropology department thinks it might be to make it easier for babies to suckle.

Well, I got shortlisted for the Best British Blog competition, but didn't win anything. The first I heard about it was from my stepfather, who wanted to know why the winner pinched my rubber duck (I don't know if they emailed me - being behind a firewall at the moment I don't get to check my email regularly).

They just keep on advancing the science of breast augmentation don't they? The not-so-well endowed soon won't even have to face surgery to pump up their assets - a new method of non-surgical enlargement is being developed and should be available in about two years. It is a cheaper and quicker alternative to silicone implants, and the plastic surgeons hope that women who might not otherwise have had a boob job will now opt to undergo one of these procedures.

Need reliable scientific information on what a breast really is (for that biology essay)? Then I suggest that you take a look at e-breasts. There isn't a huge amount of information there, but what there is to the point and isn't clouded by personal opinion (which is quite an issue when it comes to breasts!)

An article on the vicious circle that we women have got ourselves into. Here at tbc we are trying to break the circle the cheap, plastic free way.

Here is a doctor looking at the positive side of breast argumentation, she says that she thinks that surgery should only be done if a woman is being physicologically affected by something about her breasts. I just hope this doesn't stem to people wanting perkier more shapely breasts! One thing she says that I do agree with is that too many women try to squeeze themselves into the wrong sized bra! Some general tips for good breast (and bodily) health in this article which we should all take note of!

Well it seems as if sunbathers in some US towns may be able to do it topless! It appears that a loophole exists that means that although washing and swimming nude are outlawed in Pompano Beach, Florida by the "offences against morals" act, it doesn't cover sunbathing. Offences against morals.. hummm

Good for them! Debenhams has launched a new lingerie line supporting the stores breast cancer champaign! 50p from every bra sold - Its just a shame that they don't cater so well for the larger breasted woman.. Oh well, you can't have everything! And while we are on the topic of breast cancer, it is probably worth noting that Asda has a range of breast cancer supporting clothing on sale - endorced by celebrities.

Although we don't want to make a big thing of it, it should be noted that our thoughts go out to the families and friends of those who were killed or injured in the September 11th attacks last year. May it - and nothing like it - happen again.

Its as if she's been reading the blog and forums! - Angelina Jolie has admitted that she wants to hang out topless. As part of her reasoning she cites one of the reasons used a number of times on the forums "You see people outside working, and you always see guys with their shirts off."

A town mayor has told Italian housewives to be more sexy to win back their husbands' attentions after a beautiful young woman moved into the neighbourhood and started sunbathing topless on her balcony.

For those of us who are concerned that our natural assets might be mistaken for a feat of underwear engineering, prove their all yours by abandoning undergarments - and making sure everyone knows about it!

In her Diary, Fawnia debates the question of implants: "Many say they get implants "for themselves," when in reality if they had been raised in a different part of the world, the size of their breasts would hardly be an item of conversation".