The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
it's not unknown for serious researchers to turn their attentions to fairly frivolous subjects. They've even collated demographic information on usage of slang terms for breasts!

Who's against going topless in public? I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who doesn't believe in "topfreedom" (as it's known by those who support it) with their reasons - join us on the forums. Of course you can come and participate in the discussion if you are in favour of topfreedom, but I am particularly interested in hearing arguments against.

Now, I happily champion women's rights to breastfeed in public, but if I may recall the case of one MP demanding the right to breastfeed in parliament, I think that there is a time and a place for these things. I mean, you wouldn't go to work in a bikini would you? It's more about decorum in that context. However, I firmly believe in the right to breastfeed in public places including parks, shopping malls, waiting rooms, wherever really - anywhere with a non-formal atmosphere. And it can be done discreetly - it's not like women completely shed their clothes to breastfeed or anything.

"Walt Disney's animators, so the story has it, were incensed by Walt's refusal to allow nipples on the water nymphs in Fantasia - so incensed, in fact, that they incinerated Chip and Dale in the forest fire scene in Bambi." Are nipples hidden because they're too sexual, or are they sexual because they're kept hidden?

Breast King offers a host of breast-related fun and frolicks including Boobie Bloopers and Breast Humour. But the site's centrepiece is a weekly competition to get your assets featured on a deck of buxom playing cards. There is already one complete deck of breasts, which will soon be on sale with a portion of the proceeds going to breast cancer charities. The second deck has just been started - and the Breast Chronicles vote for the Ace of Diamonds goes to Cherri Cream for her all-natural 36F breasts and support of breast cancer charities.

I've just submitted The Breast Chronicles to the Guardian's "Best British Blog" competition, and one of the judges is Body Shop founder Anita Roddick. I had a look at her blog and particularly enjoyed reading her opinions on beauty culture, saying of the beauty industry: "it is a male-dominated industry built on creating needs that don't exist, but because it seems to have decided that it needs to make women unhappy about their appearances". This, of course, is especially true of the plastic surgery industry, who fuel and encourage insecurity about one's physical appearance. After all, without these fears and feelings of inferiority, they wouldn't exist.

You just try and tell me that this society doesn't prefer smaller breasts over large. It seems that more and more actresses, like Christina Ricci and Jennifer Connelly are being advised to undergo breast reduction surgery so that their breasts are more - you guessed it - in proportion to their bodies. Apparently D-cup boobs are just "too big" on a 5'1" woman. "Big boobs means bimbo," we are told. And you wonder why the large-chested feel unnattractive and discriminated against! I mean honestly...
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More information on the age-old question: Is there anything I can do to improve my sagging breasts?

Ever noticed how in "Whenever, Wherever", Shakira sings the lines "Lucky my breasts are small and humble, so you don't confuse them with mountains"...

Apparently artists drawing from life have particular trouble drawing the female breast accurately. In this tutorial, the writer explains how to realistically represent breasts, avoiding the common mistakes that people (even professionals, it seems) tend to make.

US scientists say a drug derived from broccoli could be helping women keep breast cancer at bay within 10 years. Researchers have made a compound based on a potent anti-cancer agent which shows enormous potential as a preventative treatment.

Can you match the cleavage to the celebrity? Most of the breasts you see are touched up, enhanced with plastic surgery, or supplemented with high-tech foam or gel padding. Sorry, gentlemen, the truth is that even Hollywood fakes it. Fashion photographers have been known to resort to duct tape bustiers (ouch!) in an effort to turn flat-as-a-board models into cover girls with come-hither cleavage.

Bet you didn't realise that rearranging the letters of "silicone transplants" gives "no inner plastic lasts"! This and more at Anagram Genius - should keep you amused for a few minutes.

Hurray, the Forums are back! And they even have their own dedicated domain at A big thank you to B2G Lingerie, for their sponsorship in this venture. I'm afraid that none of the old forum has been salvaged, so all members need to re-register to get discussion going again. And to go with them, a whole new-look Breast Chronicles! Please excuse the slight disruption while I make the changeover...

Men: taking off a woman's bra might be more dangerous than you think. Aside from the risks though, it seems that as many as 40% of men in their 30s and 40s had problems removing bras. A separate survey shows that men take an average of nearly half a minute to do the deed.

So, this girl takes her top off in the street for a mardi gras celebration, then gets upset when she's filmed doing so. The producers say there's no right to privacy for people who strip off in public, and frankly I agree with them! It's silly court cases like this that force governments to make laws in order to avoid it happening again.

Good news everyone! The forums will be returning - and they'll be even better than before! We're currently in negotiations to get it sponsored by B2G. In addition to the new forums, we're hoping to add a new feature to the site - a bra reviews section. More details on this soon...

The truth is out - larger breasts are mainly fantasy material for men, who mainly prefer medium-sized chests in real life - and about three quarters of those surveyed admitted that breast size was a factor in guaging a woman's attractiveness. Interestingly, the vast majority (81%) of men said that if they were women they'd opt for medium-sized breasts. What's medium?

A New Zealand farmer is being inundated with bras to decorate a fence. Female motorists even stop their cars to strip and add their mark, and women from all over the world send undergarments for him to hang on his now-famous fence of bras. He says: "If these ladies keep sending me their bras I feel honour-bound to put them on the fence."

The new face of Wonderbra has been revealed as one Inna Zobova, a 26-year-old, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Russian. Playtex is making a change from their previous policy of taking on a model with the average bra size of 36C, and has this time chosen one with smaller, 34B breasts to display the uplifting powers of their world-famous Wonderbra brand.