The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
Update on the message board situation... Unfortunately, the company responsible for hosting Ash's website, decided that as the message boards were linked from another website, this constituted a breach of their terms and conditions. They gave five days' notice (coincidentally during the two weeks we happened to be on holiday without internet access) before irretrievably deleting the offending information, i.e. the entire database for the message board, including all user information and posts. Understandably we are a little miffed at this. Especially as since we feel the message board was a site in its own right, and not a resource that was annexed to and accessed by another website (any more than might be expected on the World Wide Web, a system which, after all, functions through websites being interlinked), we don't consider that we were in breach of the user agreement at all.

Oh, and thanks Paul, who spotted that The Breast Chronicles has now surpassed the million hits mark! Hurray for us!

We know the forums are down - we are trying to fix them. What a thing to come home to after two weeks' holiday eh? And we had a lovely time in the Caribbean, thank you :)

Dying to draw even more attention to your double-D decolletage? Lucky you. Now there's a new bra to help accomplish that very goal. It's Marks & Spencerís Superego Bra which is set to do for double-D cups what the Wonderbra did for smaller chests. It was developed after research showed 27 per cent of British women are size DD or above. Although it is only available in cup sizes DD to G, Marks & Spencer also carries a more egalitarian version for smaller-busted women.

According to recent research, eating plenty of soya and tofu can help reduce your risk of contracting breast cancer! The study, of women living in Singapore, found that women who ate the most soya were 60% less likely to have "high risk" breast tissue than those who ate the least. This is apparently because diet affects the make-up of breast tissue, and women who eat a lot of soya are much less likely to have the "dense" tissue associated with breast cancer.

The lingerie company Gossard has split from its advertising agency because it was tired of "sexist" advertising campaigns which targeted men rather than women.

My apologies for the website being unavailable for the last couple of days.... Having just got back from abroad my mind was on other things and it all went 'tits up'. Hopefully it won't happen again!

Quite appropriate given the discussion currently taking place on the forums is this article about a revolutionary new magnetic bra clasp that has been developed by a French firm and should be available soon! I have to say though that I frown at its male-orientated development - so that men in a romantic situation can remain "the conquering male" (apparently this "conquering" is negated by having to concede defeat by the bra strap and have the woman take it off herself - bloody chauvinist French).

Looks like we can add one more to add to breasts' many acknowledged uses: mugging weapon!

Well here I am back in the UK after three months' absence. I should probably post some of the observances I made while on my jaunt around Europe - but another time.