The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
Ever wondered how computer generated characters have jiggling breasts? Well now you know! :)

For those of you (males) who have more than 2 hands, or perhaps 2 breasts is just not quite enough, The Multiple Breast Galleries may be the thing for you! [warning: the subject matter may not be suitable for viewing at work!]

We don't like Breast Cancer here at tbc, luckily nor do a lot of other people! We can only hope for a preventative solution rather than cures sometime soon!

Triumph has introduced a sexy new swimwear collection specifically designed for D-cups and above. The name says it all: Flaunt. There are three swimsuits and three two pieces. The collection is intended to make big boobed women feel proud, pretty and confident about their shape. But it is only available in the UK, because research shows that women in Britain are fuller busted than the rest of Europe!

It seems that some women are using their breasts to get more than just unwanted attention! For some they are obviously a means with which to be noticed by big business and the poltical world!
  • Four women bared their chests in downtown Eugene, Ore., in December, protesting society's use of child-unfriendly pesticides (and in favor of legalized hemp).
  • "hundreds" of women bared their chests in Lusaka, Zambia, in January, protesting the allegedly fraudulent election victory of president Levy Mwanawasa.
  • In a protest in Helsinki, Finland, in April, "hundreds" of women publicly vowed to refrain from bearing children for four years unless parliament stops authorizing nuclear power plants.
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Once again some more good news on the fight against breast cancer front. An electronic bra which can potentially locate tumors better than a mammogram!

When you get up tomorrow and attempt to decide which bra to wear, just make sure it isn't an illegal bra if you are thinking of doing some sports.