The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
Known as 'the company that makes mountains out of molehills', Maxcleavage has set up The new site offers help and advice to women who feel self-conscious about their less-than-voluptuous cleavage, as well giving plenty of uplifting ideas on how to boost their bust size in time for National Cleavage Day on the 30th of March. Check out 'using make-up' and 'breastercises', and '10 reasons to celebrate small breasts'.

On a lighter note, Ash and I are planning our summer holiday in Malaysia this year, so I'm under instruction to buy lots of new bikinis to wear over there. Conveniently, the Victoria's Secret swimwear catalogue arrived in my mailbox recently - surprise surprise, it has Gisele on the cover - aren't they tired of her yet? No matter. The catalogue includes designer swimwear, some funky bikinis and a rather lovely Rhinestone thong under the heading "all the jewelry you'll need this summer".

Herceptin, the breast cancer combatting drug, has finally been approved for use in the National Health Service. The treatment has already been available in the US for five years, and some European countries have had it almost as long. The delay in bringing it to the UK has infuriated many breast cancer patients and their families, as the relief it brings from the disease can be significant.

Sure, padded bras and silicone inserts can enhance all of those B-cups -- but they can also look obvious under sheer or clingy clothes. Now you can supersize your set with the Water Bra from Fashion Forms. Water filled inserts cradle the underside of the breasts to increase the overall shape and give a great boost rather than just a lift. If you're flat-chested, the Water Bra gives you a bosom. If you've got breasts, it bumps up what's already there and creates cleavage. And because the bra is made of sheer lace, skin is visible through the sacks, giving the illusion of an unpadded bra. Just remember to stay away from brooches and pins -- one jab and you'll instantly resemble a leaky spigot!

Sports Illustrated has just published its swimsuit edition, an annual preview of swimwear for the summer. Anyone who has ever spent time sweating in a dressing room, while trying to stretch a tiny swimsuit top over their chest until the seams burst, now has new hope. You don't need to wear one of those heavy-duty underwire suits. You just need to dig till you find a triangle-string bikini cut to fit your buxom curves. Take a cue from cover model Yamila Diaz-Rahi: the larger fabric triangles on top provide enough coverage, while the tie at the neck provides good support -- you don't need anything more than that. But most important, these bikinis are extremely sexy. And if you're comfortable in what you're wearing, you'll be able to walk around the beach with confidence, and that's the sexiest thing of all.