The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
Wonderbra have finally introduced an unpadded push-up plunge bra. Providing a bit of oomph for your cleavage without the use of padding, their innovative "Pure" range could have quite an impact on the push-up market. Plus, as it's unpadded, the new bras are available in sexy sheer, embroidered fabrics! The new styles are available online at One, the "Pure Wild" bra is even available up to a DD cup!

I'm missing Ash terribly, being all the way over here in France. He's visiting for my birthday at the beginning of December, but it seems an awfully long way away! However, I'm exercising my pectorial muscles with press-ups and applying vitamin A cream every night to ensure a silky-smooth, perfectly perky pair for when he does come over!

I finally bought the Aubade balconette bra and tanga set that I've had my eye on for absolutely ages. It was pricey, but I love it: its shelf-like half-cups give an impressive "Pride & Prejudice"-style cleavage, I can tell you - it'll look amazing under a low-cut top! One of the great things about living in France is that you can find lingerie brands such as Aubade and Barbara of Paris, among others, in department stores. Oh no - please, someone stop me!

C+P Clothing design a fabulous range of slogan- and picture-printed T-shirts. I especially like the boob-happy slogans (several of which I actually own myself, and have featured in the boobcam), including "No Added Silicone"; "All This (and brains)"; and "100% natural no additives or preservatives". Do visit the website for yourself and check out the many shirts available - the pictorial designs (particularly "Fish" and "Geisha Twins") are also most striking.

Well here's a strange one... a dieting barmaid is claiming that, after drinking up to a dozen cups of coffee a day to take her mind off food, her breasts have expanded by three cup sizes! More realistically though, the 19-year-old probably had a secondary growth spurt, as can happen in women for no apparent reason.

Unfortunately for the women of Denver, Colorado, the airport there has upped security so strongly after the recent horrific terrorist attacks, that their super-sensitive metal detectors are, well, a bit too sensitive! Writes Patricia Calhoun, "Dare to wear an underwire through security, and you're likely to get a pat-down more intimate than anything you experienced on prom night. And without a corsage or dinner first".

Now here's a webpage which knows where I'm coming from! 44 reasons not to get a boob job.

Wow, real internet access again at last, though it's not unlimited - the French haven't cottoned onto free internet access yet. Anyway, you can expect at least reasonably regular updates from now on, as I'm sure you'll be delighted to know.

I recently received an e-mail from a young lady with a dilemma. She has recently grown to accept and welcome her 34G breasts, but she finds them a huge encumbrance as she enjoys a very active lifestyle, participating in volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and hockey as well as running regularly. She wrote to me to ask if anyone had had similar experiences and could offer advice or counsel in the matter:

"Has anyone at the chronicles dealt with this, or even had the surgery? The doctor said he would only go down to a D, but still I am concerned about how a reduction will screw with my self-image. It is only in the last two years that I have started to feel comfortable with my body, is now the time to go mess with that? If anyone could give me their thoughts I would really appreciate it."

So, if you would like to leave a message of support for Chantelle, either put it in an e-mail to me and I will pass it on, or add an entry to the guestbook.

Okay so it turned out to be a little more than a few days! I'm happily installed in my French studio, but much more interesting than that is French lingerie. I wandered into Galeries Lafayette the other day and was astounded at all the luxury brands they have on sale in there - Aubade being my particular favourite (I've been coveting one specific Aubade bra - the only one they make in my size, and it's gorgeous - for absolutely ages now). I also discovered a lingerie chain with the most beautiful bras I have ever seen. I tried on an 85E (32DD) but it was too small, but I might go back and try a 90E (34DD) for size - the band on the 85 wasn't very elastic, so the 90 ought to be okay - so long as I don't lose much weight! ;-)