The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
I'm heading to France tomorrow morning, so I don't expect to be able to update the Breast Chronicles for a few days while I get settled in... Wish me luck!

Well the FHM jug-o-meter competition seems to have ended (without me as a participant) with Breast Chronicles favourite, the all-natural double-D assets of Anna Fowler coming out victorious. The jug-o-meter girls have been lavished with trips and treats along the way, which makes me doubly disappointed not to have been invited to take part - oh well, it'll serve them right when I show up in Playboy ;-)

Breast Fetishists are bringing about the downfall of society and causing breasts to be nothing more than 'another boring marketing tool'.

Well I'm back from my Cyprus holiday with a rather nice tan to show for it. There was plenty of topless sunbathing going on, among Brits and locals alike (there were other nationalities around, but the majority of tourists were from Britain). It was nice to realise once and for all that the glamour modelling world really is a totally warped view of how the average breast looks: all 'real' women have boobs which droop a little - I didn't see a single pair which looked like they could have been in Playboy.

Want a Bigger Bust? If you're small-breasted (B cups sell more than any other bra size), chances are you know the chant, "I must, I must, I must increase my bust" by heart. Praying for your breasts to grow is one of those girlhood rites that stay with you. Cleavage is a competitive advantage, signaling abundance and comfort, while a more level playing field, at least in our culture, symbolizes only famine and dearth. But don't despair, there's something new in the stores to help your physique. Wonder Bra just unveiled it's latest creation, which is called the Air Wonder Bra. The bra is outfitted with inflatable pads to push up what (little) you've got to create the image of cleavage. Go to WonderBra's Web site to see a demonstration of how the bra can change your look. We've certainly come a long way from the days of wadded-up toilet tissue. But well-endowed women already have the breasts that Wonder Bra enthusiasts can only dream of. Ironically, they don't even manufacture them in our size. They are available in A, B and sometimes C Cup, and I'm a DD or E cup. But why pretend if it's not there? Guys dig honesty, donít they? Women are only kidding themselves and deluding the opposite sex until he experiences a huge letdown if given the opportunity to cop a feel of these high-tech falsies. Things would fall a little flat, as it were. It would be like a man putting a banana down his trousers and expecting it to attract women. It's a bit dishonest, isn't it? But I guess if women want the extra physical and psychological support or want their clothes to fit better, why not.