The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
Visit the Breast Chronicles CafePress Store! I will eventually integrate the pages with The Breast Chronicles and host it at, but for the moment you can browse the products and purchase any you like directly from Products featuring the latest Wapsi Square comic strip will be available soon.

Many thanks to Lynn Lopez, who has made her second contribution to the Breast Chronicles with her new article, Say It Loud and Say It Proud: Breasts. Lynn celebrates the word 'breasts' and questions why it should be so taboo to utter aloud in a social context.

I've also decided to design and sew a bra for myself. This should be an adventure, as a bra is quite a complicated piece to create. I've started working on the preliminary designs for a simple plunge bra with pretty straps, but I don't know where to start beyond that! I think I'll get myself a book on the subject - I've seen lingerie sewing guides on Amazon before.

Gosh it's been ages since I wrote anything for the Breast Chronicles hasn't it! I thought I'd better offer an update on life, the universe and everything. Firstly I went shopping for bikinis recently, and managed to find only one single bikini that a) came close to fitting and b) was nice. It was a cream/gold number in the sales at River Island, quite a bargain at 12.45. I bought the triangle top in a size 18 (though there didn't seem to be any difference between that and the size 16 in terms of 'cup' size - I feel it highly unlikely that many size 18 lady would get their boobs into the thing!). I was sorry I was unable to find anything more though - I will be going shopping again before I leave, so I hope to find some more cleavage-flattering holiday gear then!

Well, I'm taking the breasts for a well-deserved break to get some sun, sand, sea and stuff for a week in Cyprus from the 29th of this month! I promise plenty of bikini pictures etc etc. for the boobcam when I get back! Not to mention any notable anecdotes about the local reaction to my cleavage ;-)

I'm even more delighted to say that I will be attending the Harrogate Lingerie and Swimwear Exhibition over the weekend of the 19th of this month, courtesy of Olivia King Lingerie. The latest designs, innovations and ranges from over 120 major manufacturers will be on display there. I hope to be able to interview some of the exhibitors at the show, and promote the Breast Chronicles while I'm at it!

I'm pleased to announce that the Breast Chronicles Boutique will soon be selling a range of merchandise featuring Paul Taylor's cartoon strips. The store will be up and running very soon (hey, it's only taken me a year! ;-) ) and the products available will be T-shirts, mugs and mousepads to start with.

I just got back from seeing Swordfish at the cinema - the one in which Halle Berry reportedly got an extra half million for a four-second flash. The show-stealing topless scene was amusing simply because it was so utterly and completely shameless - at least the moviemakers didn't try and make some pathetic pretence that it was integral to the movie's plot or something! Oh and what's more, Halle has agreed to bear all for Monster's Ball next year, for no additional charge!

I just fixed my new (php - I'm learning the language) guestbook, so anyone who's tried unsuccessfully to post a message recently - as well as anyone new - is welcome to sign it!

I was thinking the other day, about the way I dress to go out partying and so forth... I often wear either very tight or very low-cut tops to show off my assets, but it's not to attract attention from lecherous men - it's solely for the entertainment and amusement of myself and the group I'm going out with (particularly my SO - he's really proud of me and loves to show me off!).

Well I've done quite a bit of partying of late, but now I'm back home with a very slow computer. Hopefully I'll get my own set up on the net, which will make things easier (and quicker to use!). I'm still very active on the Breast Chronicles Discussion Forums even when I'm not posting new information here, so feel free to come and join in ;-)