The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
What is it with people thinking that big breasts are the most fashionable? "after an hour of flipping channels you would think that every one has Cs and Ds" - well I don't know what television channel she was watching! The average cup size is C. The average actress may reflect that (I don't know where I could find statistics) - take into account Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Gwynneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Calista Flockhart, Natalie Portman, Lucy Liu... But I think you'd be pushing it to find many (that's many, not any) A-list stars sporting D+ breasts. Incidentally, all you with a small-breast prejudice, remember that not all big boobs are filled with synthetic materials.

According to her Official homepage, Lara Croft supposedly has a figure of 34D-24-35... Which, incidentally, are almost precisely the (actual) measurements of this young lady. Something doesn't quite add up!

Sod Kournikova and her B-cups - I wanna know what sports bra Serena Williams is wearing!

I went out earlier with a badly-fitting bra on. Never again. I knew the bra is the wrong size (34D) and offers only limited support, but when I donned it this morning I had no real intention of leaving the house. Then later when I took a trip into town I regretted not having changed beforehand. Trust me, cycling over bumpy terrain with one hand on the handlebars and one trying to subdue a bouncing bosom is not as easy as you might think!

On the recommendation of one of the photographers I've worked with, I'm using arnica gel on my breasts. Arnica supposedly increases blood flow, and can help increase breast size or firm up the tissue... apparently. Anyway, I'm hoping that using it in conjunction with the chest exercises I'm doing it will improve the appearance of my bust. I will obviously report here if it has any effect! If any volunteers would like to take part in this mini-experiment, please e-mail me.

Implants are back, apparently... tell me something I dont know. Last year, over 125,000 women underwent breast augmentation procedures in an attempt to live up to society's ideals of breast perfection. There'll come a time when either women will have to undergo some sort of breast cosmetic surgery just to be accepted by society, or else that the ones who haven't will be so rare that they are more valued than the 'common' artificial lovelies. Question is which scenario will occur?

Hey, I was walking to the supermarket with Ash yesterday, and as this car drove past, the (driver?) yelled out of the window "nice tits!" which amused me =)

The only natural way to decrease a large bust is to reduce your overall body fat percentage through exercise.

Oh, how I wish sometimes that I were a perky C-cup... to be even a reasonably pert D would be nice. I'm trying to find nice swimwear for summer and for modelling shoots, but it's near impossible to find something a little saucy - just about the only swimwear available in larger cup sizes is designed in oh-so-modest, full-cup, underwired bra styles! And I don't have a credit card to buy the only D+ cup triangle bikini in the world. I keep trying on attractive bikinis (including a funky chainmail one today - not for hanging out on the beach in though!). I'm hoping that my daily chest exercises will either reduce or perk-up my too-heavy bust.

Pockets of fat around your bra? It's not a flab problem, it's a bra problem - make sure you get regularly fitted, your bra size does change. Meantime, there are ways of exercising to look better in a bra.

One of the biggest drawbacks of having large breasts is gravity's tendency to do its thing - it's a particular worry for the natural-breasted in this, the age of sillicone. It's one of the most frequent reasons I contemplate surgery every so often, and one of my biggest body hangups. But all is not lost - I'm working on my pectorial muscles (which in turn will make my breasts look firmer) with various chest exercises which don't even require a trip to the gym.

I went shopping in London today (had a modelling shoot there so took the afternoon in Bond Street and Oxford Street). I thought I would have a peek in La Senza to look at the bras. Unfortunately almost all styles that went up to an E-cup were full-cup styles, which I don't like. So I grabbed a gorgeous turquoise and blue lacy style in a 34D and a leopard-print 32DD (it was supposedly available up to an E but there wasn't one on the rack). When I came to try them on however they seemed absolutely tiny! There seemed to be virtually no depth at all to the cup, it was most disappointing that there was absolutely no way I could get away with those sizes.

In the summer of 1975, Mrs. Françoise Giroud, a French Minister responsible for women’s affairs, declared that bare breasts on the beach were to be welcomed. "I find that being at ease with our body is a good sign," she said. The Advertiser (Adelaide) 7 Aug 1975 [Wilmar Library ref. 4/13] Credit: Glen Ralph.

I've discovered what I believe to be the origin of "take-your-underbust-measurement-and-add-five" bra-band sizing systems. In the early years after the invention of what we've come to know as the bra, there were no cup sizes - these were only invented in the 20s by Ida Rosenthal (co-founder of Maidenform). I'm guessing that prior to that, bra sizes were based on the chest circumfrence that they were meant to fit. So therefore a size 36 would supposedly fit someone with a 36" bust (incorporating anything from a modern 36A to 32DD - is it any wonder that bras didn't take off immediately!) With the introduction of cup sizes, the old size approximations were retained, with a letter representing the cup appended to the bra's sizing information. Of course, I may be wrong - I'm just guessing after all, perhaps the crazy sizing system was created intentionally!

Wow, we've passed 500,000 hits to The Breast Chronicles! Perhaps we should have a party to celebrate...

In 1975, Mattel Incorporated brought out a new doll in the Barbie line called Growing Up Skipper. When you twisted her arm, she grew taller and developed breasts. Understandably parents and women's organisations were somewhat disconcerted by the idea, and there were concerns that children might "begin twisting their own arms and those of their friends to see if breasts develop."

Bra saves life. Okay, so perhaps there are more advantages to being minimally-endowed than I thought - if this lady hadn't been wearing her gel-filled Maidenform Liquid Curves bust-enhancing bra, she might have been killed.

It's quite disgusting, the prejudices based on appearances that women still suffer in the workplace. A study carried out in Florida has found that men are influenced by breast size when guaging a woman's professional ability. It's disgracefully sexist, but it seems that a woman is viewed as less professional if she has breasts much smaller or larger than a C-cup (presumably because the amply-endowed are seen as bimbos and the flat-chested are seen as less mature or something).

Model Holly McGuire, a petite 34B, admits she thinks bigger is better! That's why she relies on the physical and psychological support of a padded Magic Bra. Once on, it increases a woman's bust size by a full cup, so a woman who is a 34B becomes a 34C. "It was amazing," she says. "All of a sudden I had the boobs I wanted and was no longer the sweet-looking teenager everyone assumes I am. Finally I looked like a complete woman." Like other so-called "push-up-and-plunge" models, it's cut to squeeze a woman's breasts together while its pads hold them aloft, creating cleavage where none existed before. But the Magic Bra is a pushup with a difference. Its cups runneth over because they're lined with water-and-oil-filled sacs that are meant to make it more comfortable than other cleavage-creating contraptions.

I made a remarkable discovery today - a high street chain store selling bras going beyond a C-cup! Next sells bras up to a D - well it's a start I suppose.

Well, I gained a whistle from a group of workmen today - I suspect it had something to do with my berlei shock absorber, which gives a sort of bullet bra effect under clothing. Just call me Lana ;-)

I want a corset. I've also decided I might try collecting vintage lingerie (pity it's so unlikely I'll find anything vintage in my size).

Barbie in US Culture: While many critics of Barbie claim that she has unrealistic breasts, her chest circumference is actually slightly less than average. When Barbie is scaled to a height of 5’10", the average height of runway models in the United States, her measurements are 35"-20"-32.5". These measurements were compared to those of the average 1988 United States Army recruit, taken from 2,208 (predominantly caucasian) women. These physically fit women averaged 5’4" tall with measurements of 35.7"-31"-38.1" Thus, Barbie’s breasts are smaller, but her miniscule waist accentuates them. When Barbie is scaled to 5’4" tall, her measurements would be 32"-17"-28", which equates to clinical anorexia.

Implants in the model industry - all-natural girls have felt the pressure of the plastic look for decades: Back in the mid-seventies, teenage girls were shelling out for breast enlargement operations to improve their modelling prospects: "The nubile girls believe bigger breasts will give them a better chance for a glamour career. They have frightened established models who have had uplift operations to stave off competition from the adolescent rivals. Mrs. Billie North, head of a leading model agency, says she never recommends the operation. 'Too much is made these days of large breasts. They have been over-commercialized,' she said yesterday." Sunday Observer (Melbourne) 12 Jan 1975 [Wilmar Library ref. 4/5] Credit: Glen Ralph. is coming up for renewal. I may actually take the opportunity to move it and get it properly hosted (wow!) - I think it's about time the Breast Chronicles had its own space!

Flat-chested girls can have bigger busts simply by "thinking big", according to hypnotist Chris Leon. His views are supported by the findings of a medical research team in Texas. With a bit of hypnotically-induced forward thinking, 19 Texan volunteers already have made their statistics more vital. Reports "The Texas experiment has given the volunteers an increased bust circumference averaging nearly 2½ inches after only 12 weeks of hypnotic suggestion". "It's quite natural," says Leon. "After all, the mind controls the motor nerves of the body…and that’s where growth begins. I have seen many documented cases of people growing longer limbs as a result of extremely deep hypnotic trances.” No women have asked him to help make their busts bigger - although "I’d be happy to try," he quips. "I already help a lot of people with weight and general health problems caused by bad diets." Meanwhile, a psychiatrist has explained how he believes the "think big" method could work. "A woman who believes she can put an extra couple of inches on her bust may well achieve it through hypnosis," he says. "A girl who thinks her bust is too small can worry about it so much she becomes depressed, goes off her food and loses weight…including her bust. Once relieved of the inferiority complex she lives and eats normally, becomes healthier and her figure improves." Sunday Mail (Adelaide) 31 Aug 1975 [Wilmar Library ref. 4/26] Credit: Glen Ralph.

Police Nab Breast-Temptress Thieves - and a good thing too - it's gals like these who give cleavage a bad name!

Oh, how our cups runneth over! According to a joint study between retailer Marks & Spencer and Nottingham University, British women are stretching the bounds of buxomness to historic lengths. The most popular bra size in the UK is a 34B, however the study found that over the past decade the average British bosom has actually blossomed to a 36C. But if you're not so hot on up top, don't despair. Padded lingerie, which made up 3 percent of all bra buys in 1991, now covers 10 percent of the market. Making modest endowments look more bodacious is simple. With today's ballooning array of boob-improvement options, every girl with a chequebook can join the decollete club. Choose from the silicon-padded Ultimo, Wonderbra’s lever and pulley system (yank down on the strings for more plunge and add extra pads for lift) or Gossard’s latest product, the ultra-gimmicky but already award-winning Ultrabra Airotic that allows the wearer to pump up the volume by two cup sizes.