The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
To celebrate the fact that The Breast Chronicles has been going for over a year now (how on earth have I found enough material for that long?!), I decided to give the site a bit of a new look. I hope you like it - I'm quite pleased with it myself. Of course, the new design may experience some inevitable teething problems, so bear with me for the moment! In fact, while I'm at it - have you submitted an article which I have forgotten to add to the webzine? If so write me an email (preferably including the article if possible):

The revolutionary bioform bra is available in a limited edition design called buxom beauty, itís been launched in tandem with a stunning rose of the same name at the Chelsea Flower Show.

What do your breasts (and other body parts) say about you?

Isn't it funny that the rudest part of the female breast is the very bit that appears on males? The roundness of the breast (the aspect which is not seen on men) is not obscene and can be displayed without fear of censorship, but as soon as that areola peeks out it's just too rude! In some countries like Thailand, small round plasters are sold because it is considered highly indecent (even illegal) for nipples to be visible even through clothing. On the other hand in others, bodyperks are used to highlight this particular taboo part of the female anatomy.

Another test in the same lines as the playboy one I blogged a while ago, this time in downloadable form: Breast Test. I got 19/20 correct.

Women could soon be able to grow their own 'natural' breast implants say researchers in Australia. I blogged this story a while ago, but here's some more information. Seems rather radical - though no more so than getting one's chest sliced open to shove plastic bags inside!

The Breast Chronicles has been reviewed by It's interesting, as this is the first time that TBC has actually been reviewed as such. I think it would be interesting to be reviewed by a woman too though...

Olivia King is a lingerie retailer which really understands lingerie - they know that pretty lingerie is a step on the way to feeling good about yourself. The site invites you to celebrate women's shape, and carries a full range of sizes from 8-18 and A-J cups. It's absolutely delightful to navigate (just love those little hearts). Plus, there's even free shipping for UK orders!

Keep your breasts looking fantastic with a daily care routine. Breasts having no muscle tissue in them, it's the skin which bears the full weight of a woman's bosom. Looking after the skin can firm it up, actually helping to lift the breasts - as well as making it strokeably soft!

Are you happy with your breasts? asks the playtex magazine. It's all about body image, baby... oh, and finding a well-fitting bra!

For those who are interested in following my modelling career, I formall invite all readers of The Breast Chronicles to visit my model journal Model Business and my online portfolio (created by posing for photographers on a 'prints for time' basis). So now you know what I've been doing with my time! And soon there'll be some more lingerie shots too (more relevant to TBC of course).

The Vacuum bra - for a lot of va-va-voom. I think I mentioned it a while back, but here's a more expansive article on the new natural alternative to surgical breast enlargement. According to to women who participated in the clinical trials, it seems to offer satisfactory (and lasting) results - if you can keep up the treatment for ten weeks!

I just received a $30 cheque from today - I'd like to thank everyone who has bought books from Amazon through the Breast Chronicles bookshop.

Okay okay, I've passed 1,000 hits on Miss Internet - you can have the pictures... There's just one small obstacle: I've mislaid the floppy disk converter to get the images off my digicamera! Sorry - when I find it again I'll post the pics directly!

Tell you what, if you're good I might post some photos of me in my new bras.

If dumbass men are going to estimate celebrity bra sizes, they should at least LEARN about bra sizing first! Who's ever heard of a 33B, for goodness' sake?! To be honest I'd be surprised if many of these were accurate.

I bought a Berlei Shock Absorber (as endorsed by Miss Anna Kournikova) yesterday, and wore it to the gym for the first time today. I have to say that I'm very impressed. It virtually eliminated all bounce while I was on the stepper and cross-trainer! I bought the impact level 3 version in 32E, having tried on the level 4 one, which squeezed my boobs into a really peculiar shape! They looked so weird that I decided to go with the lower impact level, but it doesn't seem to matter too much.

I'm now a contestant on Miss Internet 2001

Statistics show that recipients of breast implants are more likely to commit suicide or die of brain cancer than the rest of the population. As if you needed a good reason not to get them.

Stars: Learn how to dress to flatter your figure. Flashing flesh is big, but if you haven't got it, don't try and flaunt it! There are plenty of ways that the small-breastees can dress to emphasise their sleek, svelte figures without trying to dress like they're blessed with double-Ds.

I'm humming and hah-ing over my true bra size at the moment. Obviously I've lost weight, and recently bought myself a lovely Triumph 32DD bra. But I believe that Triumph tend to be generous in their cup sizing (and this is backed up by my experiences of bra-shopping on the weekend - I tried on several 32DD bras which were way too small in the cup, but unfortunately the only proper department store in town seems to carry no 32E bras at all).

Can you tell the natural l from the plastic? I came out as a 'breast man', which is interesting! I was a little generous on my estimates, not wanting to accuse any real boobs of being fake!

The latest in the natural breast enlargement gimmicks comes in the form of a "bra of sorts designed to make breasts grow"... well it's an interesting concept, certainly, and the testimonials seem to endorse it!

Back to the story of the bra-holster garment invented as an alternative to carrying a weapon in a handbag (generally the first thing to be taken from a woman when she is attacked), you can now see pictures of the superbra.

Update on the top 40 chart: The breast Chronicles website is at #1 (everyone loves breasts), #3 (beauty and the breast) and #12 (gilding the lily).

Doctor enlarges breasts without permission? Only in America! And apparently the woman concerned has decided against getting the augmentation reversed because she 'no longer trusts doctors'... ahem...

I just watched the film Breast Men... It's a 'black comedy' starring David Schwimmer, about the invention and development of the silicone implant (and onto its alternatives). It was certainly very interesting to watch - it covered the whole story of breast implants right from their inception through their successes and the problems which later started to emerge - and of course the story of the two surgeons who gave them to the world. I'd never heard of it before but when it was announced as being on TV I decided to watch it, prompted by the name and the fact that David Schwimmer was in it! There is a lot of naked boobage in the film - almost all being of the plastic variety, of course.