The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
A white bikini worn by "Bond Girl" Ursula Andress fetched $60,000 at a London auction held at Christie's. The costume, whose top was made from one of Andress's own bras covered with ivory cotton, thrilled James Bond fans when the curvaceous actress emerged from the sea in the 1962 film "Dr. No." Andress has attributed her success to the outfit. "My entrance ... wearing that bikini on that beautiful beach seems now to be regarded as a classical moment in cinema," she said in the auctioneer's program.

Shoshanna Lonstein is showing off some serious assets as she models her brand new swimsuit line. "I've always designed my own bathing suits and bras because there wasn't anything great out there for a woman of my build," said Lonstein. The designs are geared toward helping women find the right fit -- the bottoms and tops are sold separately and sized like lingerie (tops run from A to DD, bottoms run from petite to large). And her line already has a celeb following. Julia Roberts wore one of Lonstein's red-and-white flowered corsets in "Erin Brockovich," and Kristen Davis wore a Shoshanna cherry print bikini in the infamous LA episode of "Sex in the City" where the creepy guy asked her if he can "buy her some boobs." That must have really hurt, considering it was a push-up top.

Sports Illustrated has just published its swimsuit edition, an annual preview of swimwear for the summer. Anyone who has ever spent time sweating in a dressing room while trying to stretch a tiny swimsuit top over their chest until the seams burst now has new hope. You don't need to wear one of those heavy-duty underwire suits. You just need to dig till you find a triangle-string bikini cut to fit your buxom curves. Take a cue from cover model Elsa Benitez: the larger fabric triangles on top provide enough coverage, while the tie at the neck provides good support -- you don't need anything more than that. But most important, these bikinis are extremely sexy. And if you're comfortable in what you're wearing, you'll be able to walk around the beach with confidence, and that's the sexiest thing of all.

You're probably wondering why I have been rather sparse on the update front of late. Well one reason is that I'm getting a whole lot of coursework done (I'm a student as well as a web guru you know! ;-) ), but the main reason is that your very own favourite webmiss is getting into the world of modelling. I am soon to unveil a new website about my first forays into the business, so watch this space...

Any big-breasted women planning a space trip in the near future should remember to take along a good bra. Not for support, but to prevent your breasts from floating up! It seems that the general lack of gravity would cause breasts to run rampant without adequate restraint!

The Importance of Breasts - a very Christian viewpoint. May I take this opportunity to thank the Lord for my beautiful breasts, with which I may be sure to attract a man. Remember, the prayers of a good Christian woman will be answered - do not get breast implants else you may be punished by God with leakage problems or breast cancer! Thanks to Erik for the link =)

Sadly, scientists are still unable to find the much-fabled planet of large-breasted warrior women. Oh well, keep looking eh chaps - it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it! ;-)

I know it's been around for awhile, but with Valentines Day coming it deserves mentioning again: the phenomenal invention that is the Breastee. It's cleavage jewelry that's held in place by a stem that slides between the breasts. "You can wear a necklace," says creator Maybelline Williams. "But the fact is that men are still going to be looking at your breasts." That's why the Breastee is the perfect Valentine's gift from a guy to his well-endowed lady, because it gives him a legitimate excuse to constantly stare at her breasts! I know that I'd love to have something from this collection. But the bad news for less chesty girls is that if you're not boasting at least a C-cup, forget it. Creator Maybelline Williams says she's working on a PC version for the cleavage-challenged: the bottom of the stem would have a clip that attaches to the front of a bra. "Some women will need to wear a body enhancer such as a Wonderbra to create a little cleavage," she says. As for the un-endowed with nothing to push-up, well they'll probably get alot of earings!

Thinking of buying lingerie for valentine's day? Try here. Alternatively, you could take another look at the Guide for Men available in our own Webzine section.

16 Saved by mother's milk. The generous mother offered her breast milk to the 15 others cast away to sea with her in a boat. It was probably thanks to her that they survived the ordeal... so now try and tell me that breasts are mere sex objects!

Pamela Anderson had her implants removed... or did she? I didn't know this before, but it seems that she got a second set of implants, but disliked the effect and returned to the size of her original set - that explains a lot as far as I'm concerned - like why she still has the DD-cup boobs she always did!

No, breast size does not matter if you want to be featured on the Breast Chronicles.

I had an idea e-mailed to me today... how about if I were to archive visitors' boobs in a boobcam? If you fancy the idea, and want to be featured on the breast chronicles, send in a photo - try and make it 500x400 pixels in size (I've just found that's a good size to work with!). have added Playtex to their suppliers list - their 'Affinity' D-FF range is sooo pretty! Love that microfibre bra - first time I've seen any microfibre designs for big cup sizes. And the all-over lace bra, with that adorable cross-over detail at the front centre... I just love it when manufacturers come up with little innovations like that in bra design (particularly for the plus sizes).

I was just thinking last night... breasts are interesting things, because of the way they can look different depending on how you position them. What I mean by this is that breasts can be thrust upwards and forwards, creating an entirely different look than if the same breasts were contained within a minimiser bra. This fact results in the same woman looking significantly more or less busty in photographs from different occasions, when she is wearing a different outfit or whatever. I might post some photographic examples (because it was looking at some pictures of myself that inspired this thought)... but then again, I might not.