The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
Takin' a break from the website for a bit - hope you don't mind... I figure I deserve a bit of a holiday over the festive season, right? ;-)


For your festive enjoyment, there is now featured on this website a Christmas cleavage photo ;-)

After Christmas you'll be wanting to exercise off those extra pounds! But remember to take care of your breasts - damage can be caused by too-vigourous training. This article on exercise and breasts explains how to take care of your boobs, and outlines the risks of not doing so.

Women share their opinions on a subject close to their hearts.

Christmas eve! I almost feel I should add some holly to the site somewhere in order that it should look a little more festive. Maybe, if I can get hold of some, I'll do a 'Happy Christmas' cleavage photo with some mistletoe nestled in there or something!

I've still not heard anything from those guys at FHM. Perhaps they need prompting...

I will never be 'cute' or 'dainty' or 'Liz Hurley'. I will always be 'voluptuous' and 'glamourous' and 'Marilyn Monroe', and have to avoid being 'matronly'. It's a stress at times, but I always have the comfort that I can have that super-duper, sex-vixen, screen-siren glamour - and thousands of women actually pay vast sums to achieve what I have been given by nature.

I've just read that women often take photos of celebrities with them to the cosmetic surgeon's as an example of how they want to look. Whose are the breasts most frequently requested of plastic surgeons? Perhaps I'll do the next poll on celebrity cleavages...

It was pointed out to me today that it was possible that maybe the reason Ali Landry didn't want to take her clothes off for her film role could have been because she didn't look that good in the buff. I thought this a credible theory - only I just caught sight of Ms. Landry on the front cover of a men's magazine, clothed only in a bikini! And I can tell you, either they've done some serious airbrushing or she looks just fine.

Don't you think it's a bit discriminatory that the prize to Gossard's G-ingle Belles competition is available in size 34B only?!

I received an e-mail today from a guy who, when taking out a well-endowed lady, made every effort to be the perfect gentleman and avoid even glancing at her chest. She, I'm quite sure, appreciated the gesture. In the end, however, she found it quite disconcerting that he was failing to take note of what she had obviously played up as her best feature. The moral of the story is: Guys, don't stare and make coarse remarks, but remember that we have probably spent a long time coming to terms with - and even loving - our boobs, and we like you to be as enamoured with them as we are! Or, at least I do...

Ali Landry was overcome with embarrassment when she had to audition body-double girls as her stunt boobs in her new film. Personally, I don't see the point of using body doubles, particularly as the point is that people don't know it's a body double - surely the public thinking you had taken your clothes off is as good as having actually taken them off? Except that you get paid less than if you had. I'd say that you either pick a part without nudity (or get it edited out - there's basically no real need for a view of a nipple just to prove that two people are shagging in this scene), or get your own damn kit off!

This article about the Charnos Bioform bra has details about the 'growing' bra market, the considerations necessary in designing and engineering a bra, and the process of creating the revolutionary 'bioform'.

Guess what: I finally found a retailer that sold Trimph Flaunt bras, but they discontinued it and the only two left were size 30F! I wonder if there's anywhere in Glasgow that'll sell them...

It seems that erect nipples are a source of great amusement and eroticism for men - so much so that false nipples have come onto the market. But what happens when you get the girl home and as she seductively slides out of her bra, two rubber teats pop out the front of it?! An accessory to be reserved for girls' nights out, I suggest!

I've just been shopping, and it reminded me why I hate shopping for everyday clothes. Clubwear is fine, because it tends to be tight and relatively skimpy (my main concern really is that it actually covers enough). With normal day clothes, I have troubles finding stuff which will a) fit and b) flatter. Most tops are tight around the bust - often with creases from under the arms - but way loose around the abdomen. Plus I'm looking for V-necked jumpers and tops (more flattering for a larger bust) and all I can find are turtle-necks and round-necks! How exasperating.

Oh, the end-of-term blues! Still, at least I have my two 'friends' to keep me company, so I won't get too lonely ;-)

Christmas holidays start tomorrow. I'm going home on Sunday. Perhaps I will get a chance to work on the new-and-improved boobcam... We'll see eh?

Thought for the day... how big is 'big'? FHM declares the 34D Toni Latham 'mammothly meloned', but in my opinion a D really isn't that big. For a start, it's still small enough to be available in most ranges from high street stores and non-specialist online catalogues. And I mean, a C is officially average. Personally, I would consider a C or D 'medium', a DD or E 'large', and F+ 'pretty darn big'.

The boobs maketh not the woman; the woman maketh the boobs.

I'm including this link - despite it being wholly unrelated to breasts - because it inversely reflects western society's obsession with the female breast. Naked tits are a common (if not actually expected) sight in the media, but the penis is considered obscene.

I do find it amusing when people come to my website through searches for "flat chested girls" or "aa cup tits" or "small boobies" (all actual search strings from the few hours) - only to find exactly the opposite of what they were looking for!

Please excuse me for the sparse updates lately - I've been having too much fun going out clubbing, wearing a variety of cleavage-showing garments (last night I went minimalist to the max, in my red ultrabra - getting in the festive spirit!)

My breasts have been very popular recently - certain people have been paying them a lot of favourable attention ;-)

Martin, could you please re-send your e-mail to me - I just accidentally deleted it from my inbox. Cheers.

Blogger is playing up

This lady understands my complaints about life in a double-d cup - we have our insecurities - physical pain might not be a problem, but it can be an emotional strain at times. Clothes that look 'cute' on a smaller-breasted counterpart suddenly become indecent when they enclose a more generous bust! Okay, so life isn't always rosy, but would we go under the knife to reduce the inconvenience? I think not. For a start, this is me and I'm not going to resort to surgery. And of course there are the odd advantages to having big breasts...

Breasts are making a big comeback due to an increased emphasis on the beauty culture. Breast augmentation operations are gaining popularity because women want to obtain a 'perfect body'. Therapist Deborah Mecklinger is concerned that "women still view themselves through men's eyes".

Despite the fact that she is merely a collection of pixels on the screen (though some may argue an extremely well-arranged set of pixels...), there has been much debate about Lara Croft's breasts. Personally I agree with Lucy Sherriff of The Register on her estimate of 32F - suggestions of 38D are just plain daft. She's obviously thinner than me, and with a bit more 'protrusion', so 32F would seem about right.

Why are men obsessed with breasts? Is it size? Shape? The soft, cushiony mystery? This guy tries to explain this inexplicable phenomenon.

I've found a backless top which is actually wide enough to cover my breasts and offers some semblance of support! My silver chainmail top from New Look is quite rigid, so with the ties done tightly and securely at the back it doesn't allow me to flop about too much!

Here are some scholarly words about fat. The author discusses the true curse of being a woman: breasts and fat work as a team; buy one, you get the other free. For most small-breasted women weight loss is usually noticed first in the bust - as opposed to somewhere more helpful like the hips, thighs, or abdomen. And their weight gain occurs in the reverse order. So if they attempt to increase the size of their breasts simply by gaining weight, they run the risk of adding excess baggage at every local stop along the way. For the less-than-voluptuous there is no alternative. But for women blessed with eye-catching proportions - large breasts, slim frame - there is a God(dess). Exercise allows us to be both fit and shapely, to break the breast/fat curse. And believe me it's so much fun keeping up these curves!

Men are attracted to women's breasts, and find it hard to ignore scantily-clad flesh. This guy begs women to cover up, in order that he might find it easier to suppress his male desires and stay faithful to his partner in mind as well as body!

According to Marilyn Yalom's book, A History of the Breast, the mammary glands have been heavily coded with political, cultural and social meaning since the beginning of time. Although the meanings may have shifted with history, the power of these codes to define us has not.

Here's the latest on the Bra Wars. They started back in December 1991, when Sarah Mower wrote an article in British Vogue about a piece of uplifting engineering she'd come across in a lingerie shop in the north of England. It had such a fabulously kitschy name: the Gossard Wonderbra. Perfect! The minute the article was published, the thing started selling like crazy. What had been annual sales of 2 million leapt to 11 million. The plot thickened when the Sara Lee Corporation, which had licensed the bra to Gossard, took the rights to the Wonderbra back in 1993. Gossard hit back with a new design, the Super-Uplift bra, thus cleaving the cleavage market right down the middle.

I'm sitting in a public PC room, 'researching' Kelly Brook on the internet. I think the guy sitting next to me is having trouble concentrating on his own screen!

Wow, I've found a new online store selling plus-size bras. Cup sizes A-J are available at Bravellous. You can browse bras by style or manufacturer.

I tried on a 34DD balconette ultrabra earlier - it was so much too small I was quite shocked! It honestly felt quite flat against me, like there was no depth to the cups at all. I was being squeezed out of it from all directions - Not nice. Debenhams didn't seem to stock the style in the E+ range that is available from Gossard.

A man's view on the appeal of breast sex. For the sufficiently well-endowed, this is the ideal option if you want to treat your lover with a new bedroom activity. It may even have positive results in that he spends more time stroking caressing your breasts to pay them back for the service ;-)

Just one day to go before my 21st birthday!

I've just rediscovered Lunaire lingerie - they have an attractive selection of bras available from C to DDD cups!

I just went to see Charlie's Angels - it's an extremely enjoyable movie. In the spirit of sexuality, buxom Drew Barrymore put her assets on display in cleavage-revealing clothing. Cameron Diaz also made a valiant effort, but even her low-low necklines and open-fronted shirts couldn't compete with Drew's show-stealing décolletage.

Real women don't need boobs in a box to attract a man, feel more feminine, or feel self-confident. It's the old cliché, sex appeal and confidence has to be generated from within - you have to have attitude. Be proud of your own, natural breasts, walk tall and make the most of your assets!

Hm, what shall I wear out tonight? It'll be something to emphasise my chest no doubt... ;-)

SurferStore's chainmail bikini is available in size 'D'. Strangeblades sells chainmail bikini tops up to 36D (cup size approximately equivilent to a 34DD).

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