The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
Now here's a thing. Magazine Racks is an article on the presentation of breasts in the media.

For anyone who's interested in anything other than the breasts (though why you would come here otherwise I don't know), I was most recently called beautiful last week (by someone other than my father!). He said that those of his friends who had met me shared his opinion. My breasts aren't my only source of compliments, don't worry.

By the way Jag, I love you! (I'm referring to gbook entry 377)

It was suggested in the guestbook that perhaps I would have created this site to honour small breasts rather than large ones if I had personally been in possession of them. It's an interesting thought, but I don't believe I would have. My breasts are a significant part of my life because of their early development - and further development into what they are today. Their (large) size makes them a focal point - I think if it weren't for them being big, I would have chosen another body part to obsess over.

Ash reports to me from New York that he's seen several 'big girls'... I still refuse to believe the supposed average of 36B.

Paul's started weblogging at Real Munky. Any lovely ladies with breasts might like to read of his Bazonga Appeal.

For my responses to various gbook comments, please read - there's not room on the main blog! Also, please don't assume I'm offended at any of the remarks, just cause some of them happen to be wrong...

Hey look, there are even cleavage awards! Perhaps I'll do a celebrity cleavage featurette on the site sometime...

It would be easier for me to disapprove of magazines like FHM etc. if I was flat-chested. Then maybe I wouldn't harbour any of the desires I do of being featured. I could be jealous and scornful of large-breasted women. I mean, in a way I want to disapprove - it's 'demeaning' to women after all... But I'm prevented from taking that view, because I have these breasts. Just something to think about - don't take it too seriously, I wouldn't really have it any other way (and nor would Ash, I'm sure).

I still like my breasts.

I like this article (another one from, about an important pre-requisite to women being able to go topless in public legitimately and without debate: men's obsession with the female breast. Anyhow, it's another angle on the breast obsesion and how to lessen it. One thing though, is that a lot of the articles I've read on this topic mention that Europeans aren't as bad as North Americans. Well, the British are, I have to say, pretty bad when it comes to breast obsession (though at least you're allowed to go topless, if you so wish). It's continental Europeans that aren't as affected by the sight of an unclothed mammary (doesn't mean they don't appreciate breasts, but they aren't shocked or open-mouthed drooling if they see a topless woman on the beach). But basically, it's what's known as 'Western Civilisation' that's obsessed with breasts - you don't see African tribes producing glossy magazines full of naked women, do you?

A man's point of view on the excitement of breasts. I can't actually work out if it's supposed to be reverse psychology or what...

My ego has been called into question several times now. I've been accused of thinking too much of myself, and of having low self-esteem (by the same person, in fact...) and I would like to point out (yet again) that this website is not about that. I'm doing this because I want to. It's for my benefit primarily, and I happen to want to achieve something with it (the more general acceptance and awareness of breasts as something more than objects of pure sex, sin or babyfood). And, although I happen to consider myself relatively attractive (and believe me, this opinion is supported by a fair number of real-life, non-internet blokes), that's not the point. Neither is it necessary for everyone who visits this site to find me and/or my breasts attractive - it's to do with the concept as well.

While Ash is away updates to this site may well be infrequent, because I miss him and I'm unhappy.

While I was in Bath last week a carful of blokes went past and beeped the car horn at me.

The breasts are missing Ash already (we've only been away from him for 2 1/2 weeks!), despite (or possibly partly because of, in a strange way) large numbers of compliments over the last week. He's currently in Canada, so Toronto residents look out for a gorgeous British bloke, and tell him we can't wait for his return (there's a sexy basque waiting for him when he gets back, too!)

I just checked my guestbook and my, aren't we getting het up? Stormtrooper dahling, I was starting to think that you didn't love me any more - it's been so long since you came to visit. Glad to see you're back and on top form. ;-)

The breasts and I bought a beautiful, perfectly-fitting 34E bra yesterday. Bra sizes really depend very much on the manufacturer - I bought a 34D (that's just one D) bra a few days previously to that (admittedly that didn't fit quite as well, but serves to illustrate the point). Just thought that might be of interest.

Okay, so erm, maybe it was more than a couple of days... I ended up staying at my Grandmother's house for a week, then went straight on to my best friends' place for a further week.

I'm off for the weekend, so it's more than possible that there will be no updates for a couple of days. See you.

I'm off for the weekend, so it's more than possible that there will be no updates for a couple of days. See you.

I made up a boobcam winamp skin last night (it's the same bikini picture as is used for the link button for this site). I'll put it up for download when I remember - perhaps I could make a whole series of them...

No real news from the breasts, apart from Adam threatening to put the photos of me sunbathing on the web (don't get too excited though).

Notice: I just accidentally deleted two of the messages from my inbox (unread). If you have sent me an e-mail in the last couple of days and haven't recieved a reply (and think you deserved one), please resend.

Someone recently asked me (via e-mail) whether I use my breasts to my own advantage (with male people of authority, to improve my grades etc.). Well to be perfectly honest with you: no. I've certainly never deliberately played them up to manipulate others (I mean, other than when I'm trying to seduce Ash), and I'm pretty sure that my breasts have never played any part in my grades or anything. I don't think I'm that sort of person. It would be nice if I felt I could use them to my advantage, but I don't really believe in its effectiveness (naively or not, I don't know).

The question remains: Why would anyone want to steal three sets of breast implants?! There are some strange people in the world, I tell you!

Oops, Britney's boobs seem to be in the news again.

Having properly read through this link, I have to say I disagree with quite a lot of what it says. I won't go into details because it would stray from the topic of breasts. But, the link's staying up, because it's still valid breast-related material.

Updates are currently somewhat sporadic because I have to make a 3/4 hour journey on foot to the university every time I want to use the internet. Please bear with me for the moment - soon I will have internet access again (and the boobcam will be updated!).

It's back again - should women be allowed to go topless in public? To be honest, I can't see many men objecting! I feel somehow that the demonstration achieved less in the way of women's rights, and more in the way of 'phwoar' factor. It's pleasing news that none of the spectators had any huge objections though (that whole 'ooh, my children will be psychologically damaged and my husband will be unable to control himself' thing)

The breasts and I thank those blokes who have written to me with support and approval on my decision to keep nudity off the Breast Chronicles - I'm glad that people really can see what this site is about!

Someone sent me this joke in the mail:
The success of the "Wonder Bra" for under-endowed women, has encouraged the designers to come out with a bra for over-endowed women. It's called the "Sheep Dog Bra"... It rounds them up and points them in the right direction. ;-)

I haven't got time to check out this link fully, but here you go: Breasts - a different perspective from men. Have fun perusing.

Let me reiterate: There will be no naked photos of my breasts on this site. There are two possible ways of getting to see them - 1) become a good friend with me [all my friends have seen me sunbathe topless] 2) write to FHM and tell them to get my kit off. I will not conduct any 'private showings' or cyber-sex. The boobcam will remain a clothed glimpse of my cleavage, so please will you perverts stop asking me to remove the clothing - that's not what this site is about! For goodness' sake people, if you want porn, go to a porn site. Oh and also, I don't have a webcam - just a digital camera. I am aware that the majority of readers do appreciate the point of this site, and apologise for generalising, but I'm not going to credit the oglers with a personal reply.

We've had one new poll suggestion so far...

It was very warm earlier, as I was walking up to university from the other side of Canterbury (where my house is). Anyway, I took off my T-shirt (I'm wearing a sports bra, which as you know offers a fair amount of coverage). At least one bloke had to concentrate on not looking at my chest, I noticed.

Ah, sorry boys, but it looks like the 'breasts being good for you' thing was all a big hoax. Never mind, you didn't need an excuse to come here anyway ;-)

By the way, we need a new poll question! Send your suggestions to the zine address.

It has been suggested that I add a search engine to the Breast Chronicles. The breasts and I agree that it would be a sensible idea, as the site is getting fairly expansive now, and it would help avoid getting sent the same articles on multiple occasions. Hands up who wants to install it for me (I could do it myself, but what are breasts for if not to get me out of making any effort?! ;-) )

Okay, so many people have sent me this article that I thought it had to be included. It has apparently been scientifically proven that a daily visit to the boobcam is actually good for you. Okay, so it's not specifically about my breasts, but hey...

We've been receiving a fair number of readers' own "coming to terms" tales, so my breasts suggested to me that we might start a special section for it on the zine. So, if you have any stories you want to share about how you came to make peace with your breast size (large or small), send it to the Breast Chronicles.

Well, I'm back in Canterbury again, and in a sports bra ready for a good workout at the gym. I still have to buy a better sports bra really - the breasts are most displeased with me for still using the one I bought when I was still a 34D (not to mention the fact that it was created before the more modern technologies have supposedly improved the support capabilities of a sports bra).

Stuffing a bra is not a criminal act, unless stolen cash is used. This is an article about a Woman arrested with $600 in her bra.

This website makes three points about average breasts. (1) The Average Bust Size for American women is 35.9 inches (91.2 cm). The typical bra size is 35B, with the proportions of women's cup sizes breaks down to the following: A-15%, B-44%, C-28%, D-10%, while the remaining 3% are AA, AAA, DD and beyond." But did you know that if you wear a 36C, your breasts weigh roughly a pound apiece? (An A cup is closer to half a pound). (2) "Interestingly, manufacturers of women's clothing agree that the average American woman's bust size has expanded in recent decades, if only by fractions of an inch, due to improved diet and birth control pills." But did you know that breasts are made of roughly 50 percent glandular tissue and 50 percent fat; but for those with a D cup or larger, about 70 to 80 percent fat? That's because breasts and fat work as a team; buy one, you get the other free. (3) The diameter of "average areola (dark part around nipple) is 1.4 inches (35.62 mm)". But did you know it may be three-plus in the larger-breasted?