The Breast Chronicles

The Breast Chronicles

Reshaping breasts on the net.
I'm taking the breasts out tonight (for the second night running) for some eating, drinking and merriness. They tend to get groped by most of my friends when we go out - they just love the attention (and it's all in the name of fun, not sexual). Talking of getting drunk, how about 'body-shots'? That's when the shot is drunk from the cleavage rather than from a shot glass. I wonder who'd be interested in participating...

We're well into a history lesson now aren't we - Breasts in Fashion (or not, as the case has been at some points throughout history).

A couple of people have asked why I have excluded A-cups and lower from the breast-size poll. Well you see, my breasts aren't really interested in finding out how many people prefer A-cups (and adding another option to the poll would decrease their percentage score anyhow ;-) ).

A short history of the Bra, including a mention of my idol, Jane Russell. Wearer of the first cantilevered bra, designed by aircraft engineer Howard Hughes, she simply rocked ;-)

Lingerie! I think the next sidebar-poll will be on lingerie.

Got another e-mail from KJ today - she's put me right back on track =) Of course I have wonderful breasts - they're large and round and beautifully soft and strokable. And after all, ripe melons are always, unapologetically, in season.

Everyone's been so lovely, e-mailing me to tell me to cheer up. Don't worry about me - like I said, it's only temporary. In the meantime, Giles has set up a poll for some more risqué boobcam poses. Vote and you never know, I just might... (only Giles, you probably ought to sort out those broken images)

*** Charlotte is currently feeling rather depressed because she doesn't like her breasts or the rest of her body. This is sure to be only temporary, so do come back soon.

I've been trying desperately to find a photograph of a bra, size 40C, to prove that the amount of material used is vastly more than for a 34D/DD, but the C-cup is the cheaper option in American lingerie firms.

Lingerie is cheaper in America. $30 for a bra? I'd be paying that in pounds over here - and the pound is worth more! And with the sale at Victoria's Secret, it might actually be cheaper to pay the postage on stuff than to go get it from La Senza or Debenhams or M&S (actually, I haven't checked the price of a bra at M&S recently - they might not be as expensive as all that, but I suspect they are).

Okay look, this Victoria's Secret bustier is beautiful. And yes, it comes in my size. But how come it has to be $5 more expensive than a C-cup?! You go up to a 40C for the lower price, but a 34D or double-D has to be an extra five dollars. Cheek!

By the way, I've added three new articles to the zine section on this site: A Man's View, I Want! and A-Z of Breasts.

In the article A Good Bra is Hard to Find, the authoress talks lingerie like a woman.

I Know Victoria's Secret, claims this article on the lingerie manufacturer. I agree wholeheartedly with the author's point of view - it discriminates against all women by firstly marketing their push-up bras to the flat-chested to say that they haven't got enough, but secondly barely bothering with the large-breasted community at all!

I wonder occasionally how I would feel if I had small breasts. I don't expect I'd see the advantages. I bet I'd be like all those other women who think that the large-breasted have a so much better deal. I have a feeling I'd be just as self-conscious as I am now - only reversed! But would I consider implants?

The art of choosing the right bra recognises the fact that it can really be difficult to find a bra that fits - and often women will choose a badly-fitting bra simply because they like the style (I know I have fallen victim to this on more than one occasion). Yet another reason why bra manufacturers should take more care with what they create...

Okay, I've added a poll to the side menu bar to see what the ideal cup size is for visitors to the Breast Chronicles. I think I'm going to make a regular 'feature' of a poll, and it'll change every so often (whenever the mood takes me or I decide I've got a representative vote).

I really don't understand some people. On this page for small breasts, it's as usual all about consoling the flat-chested girls. The last tesimony, from a woman, declares that large breasts are currently fashionable! Um excuse me, have you even looked at a catwalk/supermodel/highstreet store recently?! It really irritates me when people say things like that. Really, no-one realises what it's like to have people reckon that the large-breasted are better-off. Hmph.

Well it's official: men prefer a C-cup. How depressing :-(

A Secret about Big Breasts: a positive view from a large-breasted woman.

The Myth of the Small-chested Asian Woman makes a point which I am continually attempting to make: that when you have large breasts, you are always aware of the fact. Even if you like your breasts, you have to be careful with the way you dress and the way you act, simply to avoid making people think you're some kind of slut (breasts being so closely associated with sex, it's a stereotype from which it is amazingly difficult to escape).

Well, I know I'd absolutely love to have lingerie bought for me, and I don't really think I'm alone in that. So here's a Guide for Men on buying underwear for your woman.

Breasts: just another handy trick of evolution, according to this article on breasts as pillows. It opens, to get your interest, by talking about the abundance of flesh that can be seen at this time of year (including, of course, my breasts, if you're in the right place at the right time)

Wow, I actually think that cleavage may be coming back - with a vengeance! The whole Battle of the push-up Bras is just proving it. What a relief!

More on the Erin Brockovich / Julia Roberts 'mammo-rama' in the news now... More than Cleavage re-makes the point that I made in my Storm in a DD-cup article - when large-breasted women succeed, it is all-too-often attributed to their chests.

I've got three articles here waiting for me to convert them to HTML and post them on the zine section of this site. I will do it, honestly!

Now this is a cool T-shirt!

I was sent a link to an absolutely wonderful series of articles on personal breast - the tales of 12 women with different breasts and body-images. Breasts from all perspectives - I read it right through and it totally kept me interested. Go now!

The breasts are going out bra-less this evening - hopefully they'll cope alright (the top I'm wearing offers a bit of support)...

Here's an article on what's normal about breasts, as women worry so much about their boobs.

Chess Player claims he lost State championship because his opponent's breasts got in the way! He reckons she was wearing an overly revealing top, which meant of course he couldn't keep his eyes off her tits. Men!

I'm getting fitter - I now actually need to wear a sports bra to the gym for when I use the step machine.

I've just noticed that the latest boobcam picture shows my tan! Compare it to the 'white bra' one, taken in similar light at a similar angle... This is probably one of my personal favourites so far.

The breasts are in a bad mood. We've not heard from FHM yet (despite the efforts of many of our visitors) and they're sulking. What do we have to do to be featured in that magazine?

Breast Joke (from, who noticed that we couldn't come up with anything good today)

I'm really becoming aware of how much my boobs stick out! Wearing summery clothes, I see my reflection every time I walk to and from the SU shop and they're, well, really quite big...

Yeah yeah, I've been bad at updating today. No-one's e-mailed me any cool links or anything, so I guess I'll just have to find some myself. Or I could just continue fantasising about beautiful bras and sexy bras from Frederick's.

The Bra Concentric Case - now that's a different way of looking at a bra!! Another thank you to Filip of the Ultimate Bra Page for coming up with the link ;-)

Walking back from the SU shop earlier, I was looking at my reflection in the windows of the other shops on the row ('cause I'm vain like that!), and I noticed that the ensemble I was wearing (cropped vest-top and A-line skirt) made me look very slim and my breasts really visible (in a 'sticking-out' way). They were also bouncing a fair bit, as I was wearing a bikini under my top, rather than a good supportive bra.

You spend 75 dollars on fake breasts and you get a wonderful black pouch absolutely free! Like, wow.

I like this article, called Cherries, Melons or Beestings, it's about bras mainly, and gets right to the point: who's going to make us a decent bra? The basic design of the bra, after all, hasn't changed in nearly a hundred years, but women's breasts have - we're much bigger now than we were, for a start.

Quote from pseudoinsanity: "Busty brit Charlotte has an alluring nature". We like this guy =)

On the subject of breast nudity on this site: I will not be getting my baps out here - certainly not until FHM has snapped me up to be featured topless in their magazine - possibly on the Jug-O-Meter 2 (if you've been reading this blog for any length of time you'll know that I'm not doing it for the money). Therefore, if you want to see me naked, write to FHM on my behalf and demand that they print me! ;-) On the other hand, if you're just looking for porn you've come to the wrong place - try searching the internet.

The breasts haven't been up to much today other than sunbathing (and accompanying their owner to an exam), so there's really very little to write about.

You know what? These boobs could almost be mine - even the nipples are similar to mine (you might want to resize the window, as it's supposed to be contained within a pop-up). Nice little ode to breasts, too. From cockybastard.

The breasts and I have now nearly finished writing up the 'A-Z of breasts' article - only the letters O and Q to go (what on earth can we have for Q?!), so it's nearly ready for publication. The letter S will be today's hot topic: sunbathing!

As Ewan posted in my guestbook: "the breasts did indeed make an appearance and I'm glad that everyone could be nice and chilled about it". They're a wee bit pink now, but with plenty of aftersun they should come up a nice shade of tan tomorrow... who wants to volunteer to rub in the aftersun lotion?!

Yes, the sun is out. Yes, I will be sunbathing topless.

Plastic Surgeon sues to reposses Girl's Implants! What a daft episode, though I would've thought he'd get the money off her before doing the job..? Link sent to me by Susan Patton.

Yes! I've bought (thanks to Ewan's credit card!) - now all I have to do is sort out hosting and we'll be off!!

The breasts are desperately hoping the weather's going to be as good tomorrow. It also seems that Paul wouldn't be scared of seeing them naked after all - so UKC boys, look out for me tomorrow if the weather's fine!

I've got a couple of great photos of me in the silver bikini now! I'll post them if you promise to write to FHM on my behalf for the Jug-O-Meter 2.

I didn't get naked in the end - I didn't want to scare Paul... ;-)

Yes, the weather has finally responded to my pleas - we're off out to sunbathe in a bit, in the silver bikini (which really doesn't satisfactorily cover the breasts - but that doesn't matter, I might just take it off after a bit anyway!)

Breasts in belts.... I think I'd need a bigger belt than that to cover these babies! ;-) That's another link from Filip - he says I don't have to link to him for everything he sends me, but I'm into giving credit! Plus his Ultimate Bra Page is a fantastic resource - and regularly updated with huge numbers of bra-related links.

On the zine front, there's a new article up on Coming To Terms with breast size. I'm also working on an A-Z of breasts, inspired by boob pictionary (only mine will be about the various aspects of breasts, rather than breast-type).

The colours of the Breast Chronicles have changed, because I didn't think headers were standing out enough. Heh, it looks sorta weird to me - gotta get used to it.

I'm that famous, I actually got parodied - twice! The Breast Chronicles has given rise to both The Bellybutton Review and The Guitar Chronicles.

Yes, I know the playboy T-shirt has been up for a few days now... I did try and replace it, but for some reason the fujifilm software for the camera keeps crashing.

I repeat: This blog is about my breasts, not my face.

*Update on the bra/cancer theory* I've had an e-mail (with the rather witty subject line 'bra humbug'), refuting this idea and pointing me to the website Health Check. Apparently the publisher cited is also on as a 'publisher which promotes quackery'.

Boob Pictionary attempts to categorise breasts in an A-Z listing of 'type'. I'd come under V for voluptuous. By the way, for those who are interested in knowing, my breasts are uncovered as I write this (I was looking in the mirror to establish my type, and incidentally I noticed for the first time that one is ever-so-slightly lower than the other). Anyway, this is a fun site, and worth a look for, erm, 'research' ;-)

Hahaha - Cynthia Plaster Caster, the famous penis-cast-maker, has moved onto breasts - d'you think I ought to get casts made of mine?...

Filip sent me this link to a breast health page. This page claims that the pressure a bra puts on a breast increases the risk of breast cancer. I don't understand - surely a bra supports the breast, and it would be under more strain without one? If someone thinks they can explain this, please do.

Someone make the weather improve! The breasts are desperate to get out and show off, and the weather just isn't co-operating =P

Shannon Elizabeth has nice breasts. They're not huge (contrary to common belief), but that is not an insult. Too often, if I comment on the fact that a celebrity's breasts are smaller than mine, he'll take it as me being bitchy and condescending, and comes back with a nasty comment 'to get me back'. But in fact that's not the case - I made a simple observation. <sigh> I wish I had her breasts - they're so incredibly shapely.

Wahey, he's done it again! Well, when they admit that I'm so worth publishing, it'll be me instead! <!-- end cryptic message >

Bras are just too rude for some people. I mean for goodness' sake!! Well, they are Welsh, after all...

Updates may be sparse today - I have to revise for these things called exams.

I have had yet more queries as to what I want to achieve by getting into FHM. Of course, it'd be nice to be able to make money for doing next to nothing, but that's not my main reason for wanting it. It was initially a simple desire to impress Ash, but it's now moved beyond that. It's a personal quest: the ultimate achievement in the whole 'becoming at peace with my body' thing.

Okay, I've worked out that buying and hosting a domain name for the Breast Chronicles is going to cost me about 75 quid annually (around $112). Does that sound about right? I hate spending money! Does it sound a convincing enough 'charity' operation to warrant FHM featuring me in the jug-o-meter 2? hehe =)

I'm quite sure that this page is very wrong. Why are men so hopeless at estimating bra sizes? Jennifer Love-Hewitt a 36 indeed! Marilyn Monroe a 34C?!

Yana has posted a cleavage shot (an impressive pair of D-cups), because she "felt like loving [her] breasts for a change" - the breasts and I salute you, Yana ;-)

What are your thoughts on the possible addition of a discussion forum to the Breast Chronicles? I could see about installing a ubb, or else just using a free, remotely-hosted chat board. Let me know.

Wow, I love this concept bra! Thanks to fab4girl (who doesn't seem to have a website, but she's cool) for the link. Hell, I'd wear pretty much everything I've seen from this place! So who wants to buy the breasts some pressies? ;-)

The Webmistress said some lovely things about my face in her weblog today. I'm happy. Not so nice are the latest comments (from Miranda and Brittney) in my ever-busy guestbook - if you've got something nasty to say, the least you could do is contact me directly or leave some contact details for yourself. I'm told that my breasts "aren't that unusual", well I know that, which is why I'm confused as to why there are no nice bras for me. I consider the vast expanses of lace that are plus-size La Senza bras vulgar - it's a matter of taste. I have not at any time exposed my breasts on this site - do enlighten me as to what you're referring to. Oh, and yet again, the purpose of the website is called into question - read the damn thing, people!

Following the them from a while back of jewelry for breasts, here's something specifically for nipples! Hm, they have to be pretty erect for it to work... And no, I'm not going to be posing for any boobcam photos in those =P Thanks to that lovely chap at the Ultimate Bra Page for the link.

I've finished writing the article I started yesterday: it's on Breast Confidence, and it's in response to the many questions as to how I can be so comfortable with my breasts. It's not long, so it's probably worth a read.

Yay! The Playboy T-shirt arrived today - featured in today's boobcam photo!

As I was complaining about the lack of good, pretty bras in my size the other day, Ash told me I ought to just design and make my own and shut up moaning about it. I said of course I couldn't, that I didn't have the training or ability to design and sew a bra. Anyway, I was just pointed to Breasts of Doom by Jay, and found this page Underwire and Bra FAQs (from a the newsgroup rec.crafts.textiles.sewing). So there's my cue to maybe give it a go sometime!

You know what? Pam's breasts are an environmental hazard! This is a funny page...

So, why FHM, you ask? Because Ash has the photo of Sarah Coombs set as his desktop, that's why. I was just starting to write a new article, but I think it's going to have to go on hold for a while now.

Oh, and to the person who wondered why I'd changed my mind so drastically about the nudity issue, read my articles more carefully: I think I always come to the conclusion that the fact that it happens doesn't bother me as much as the fact that it's not me ;-) (or if I didn't actually write that, I'm admitting it now)

Okay come on lads, you really have to help us: there's to be a second jug-o-meter, and I need as much support as possible to get the breasts and me in on it! I'll be posting photos to encourage you, in the next few days, okay? I've written a letter to FHM myself - please write one too!

Having read that article from beginning to end, I'm now inspired to sunbathe topless when I next get the opportunity (come on, sun!). I feel I should stand up for equality.

Quote from the article Women take back their breasts : "Requiring breasts to be hidden is very harmful. It reduces opportunities for breast feeding in public, when it may be necessary. It reinforces the notion that breasts are merely the sexual playthings of heterosexual males. It also contributes to the pressure for women to aspire to supermodeldom and to despise their own bodies for not being perfect. Among many results of this are breast implants and their associated illnesses, reduced checking for breast abnormalities, low self-confidence, and higher incidence of psychological disorders". Couldn't have put it better myself =)

I love talking about breasts with like-minded, like-busted girls. It's so nice to be able to share. Talking about boobs is great. We should have a boobchat =)

Baring breasts in public: should we or shouldn't we? On the one hand, it certainly shouldn't be a crime, considering that men are allowed to go topless, and there should be no discrimination etc. etc.; but on the other hand, it would just give gawkers a field day, wouldn't it? You know what though? The thing with bare breasts is that you always hear about parents being concerned about their kids seeing them. Well I seriously think that the less prudery about naked breasts the better society will be - it'll mean breasts are less objectified, for a start. *nods head decisively*

Hey look, it's me. Now I know that's not an ugly face. And I'm not wearing a scrap of makeup either - just imagine how good I could look when I'm all professionally done up in layers of foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick!

We bought a silver bikini and a matt-PVC corset today, among other things... the breasts smiled to themselves cheekily when I got undressed in Miss Selfridges' (communal) changing room to try on the bikini, as they were by far the largest there ;-) New boobcam pic coming soon!

The British obsession with underwear goes beyond what you might have thought - we were the forerunners of the 'underwear movement' in the sixties, and did you realise that Victoria's Secret tries to anglicise a couple of aspects of its underwear chain?

I've been reading this collection of breast testimonials - it's quite sad to think how big breasts can get such a bad reaction sometimes. I have to admit I've never had any terrible experiences because of my boobs, but some of these women tell of the most awful taunts! Anyway, it's a long page, but it's worth a read-through if you've got the time.

Eric Brooks is very upset that we haven't mentioned him in a while... It's only because we hadn't seen the nice things he wrote on metafilter, okay?

Oh, and has been pointed out on metafilter, I'm not just a pretty pair of breasts - I exist all over the web at, Astro Fonts and Bondgirl 007, among others.

It's so great to get some positive feedback written in my guestbook from like-minded, large-chested girls =) Another post suggests I make more of the breasts' activities - well we are going to go shopping tomorrow, to buy something to wear out in the evening, so let's see what we can come up with....

While we were having lunch in Mungo's Bistro earlier I looked around and saw at least five other girls with big breasts. How can bra manufacturers possibly not justify designing for us?

I added loads of links to the other articles page last night - a girl e-mailed me the other day with a whole bunch of page references (which I've begun to work through on the Breast Chronicles).

This could well be the beginning of an answer to sport for the well-endowed: the smart bra 'knows' when its wearer is exercising, and tightens accordingly. It'll be a huge breakthrough if it actually works (though I'm extremely skeptical about sports bras, because they never seem to offer any support at all).

To Phil, who signed my guestbook: um, excuse me? Parody? If I'm so 'painfully average' as you put it, WHY ARE THERE NO GODDAMN BRAS IN MY SIZE?!

You know, if you believed the underwear manufacturers you'd think that all women were a B- or C-cup. But walking around campus I notice increasingly that there are loads of chesty women - many bigger than me, even, including 100% of the two girls I was most recently introduced to (much bigger!) Hopefully it's only a matter of time before the world realises that girls' breasts are getting bigger. I suppose the fact that small boobs are more fun to design for has something to do with it < sigh >.

I have another underwear complaint: bustiers and basques - they never bother with cup-sizes. It's so frustrating when I see a really pretty piece of lingerie, which comes in sizes S, M and L, and I know full well that there's no way that I'd fit into it because the manufacturers just don't think you can possibly be slim-ish and have a significant bust! It's the same throughout that site - not even the bras have cup-sizes, just 32/34/36 - It's so frustrating! =P

I'm going to make a dress... I'm scared that it won't fit properly round the bust. I obviously wasn't thinking about that when I bought it (a year ago) - I just wanted a pattern.

Yay, my bravissimo bra has arrived!

I've had so many links e-mailed to me the last couple of days - I'm still working through them! Bad Bra Karma is another article about the trials of big boobs, particularly in finding bras. Just another reminder that we don't always have it best-off. Big-busted bra-buying blues follows the same lines, including a mention of the cruel tricks the lingerie industry plays on us, using various techniques to make a model look like she has big breasts which gets our hopes up!

On this picture page Mine are probably closest to the 36DD example, only not so close together. The page is great for showing that as breast size increases, they start to hang lower....

I like this: a study has shown that women choose melons based on their own breasts. Tesco has apparently ordered in smaller melons for this reason! I have to say that whenever I've bought melons, I've always gone for big juicy ones!

Got a couple of new articles up on the Zine pages now - one from Leila and one from Giles - both on guys' views on breasts. They're listed on the side menu.

< sigh > This strange person who calls himself stormtrooper something keeps signing my gbook. I've deleted one of his messages already, but for some reason he just comes back. I've deleted his url (I don't see why he should get hits through me!), but left up his most recent message so that everyone can laugh at him for being such a twat (sorry about the language). Odd though this person is, the vast majority of feedback has been positive. MaleUSA asks if guys can write and suggest things I should wear for the boobcam - well yeah, if I've got suitable clothes then I'll act on most reasonable suggestions. Also, to Myke, what tattoo?

Quote from Up Front and Personal: "If we are big 'there', we are expected either to put them away and pretend we aren't - the saggy-shouldered, instant-neckache, baggy-jumper, low-self-esteem, saving-up-for-a-reduction look - or to put up with the fact that what is for us an everyday aspect of life is, to a lot of men, something so fantastic that they can't sit in the same room without coming over all funny. The idea that the breasts are passively sitting there during a meeting, say, rather than being an active sexual entertainment, is still alien to a lot of men". Thanks to Filip for the link.

This article on making peace with your breast size is again aimed towards women with small boobs.

I much preferred yesterday's boobcam picture, but here's another one in a non-pushup bra for you anyway. It's another D-cup (I couldn't be bothered replacing all my bras when I went up a size last year), and it's a little small, but it's still nice.

I've just had another article submitted by a bloke. It's a nice article, and it will be published as soon as I have my ftp access back. But I have one complaint: Why do guys always feel the need to stress the fact that size isn't an issue? Everything's always about making small-breasted girls feel better about their body - nothing's ever aimed at the busty girls because it's assumed they're happy and content with what they've got.

It's becoming obvious to me through the results of the boobcam poll that cleavage and PVC are what makes a good boobcam picture. I'll keep that in mind when I design the mousemat for my new store - I have to take new photos for it anyway, as none of the ones I've used for the boobcam are of a high enough resolution.

I'm still agonising over the purchase of my domain name! Should I get it as a redirect to point to the pages on, or should I have it as its own stand-alone domain with proper virtual hosting? Someone help!

More implant scares happening. Honestly, it beats me why people still get implants these days! Link courtesy of Katy.

Okay, today's boobcam photo has been added to the voting booth - there have so far been 163 votes, which will be taken into account when compiling the results.

I'm wearing my boobcam bra today (the non-pushup one). Adam said the other day that it's best not to wear pushup bras all the time - that the breasts should 'be supported at their natural level', which sounds right to me. Anyway, I'm rediscovering the joys of my 34D Playtex bra (yes, it's a 34D!). One good thing is that my breasts don't fall out of the cups (the cups on the 'plunge-line' ultrabra are a bit 'shallow', if that's the right word...)

Should I add today's boobcam pic to the vote? It'll be a bit behind, but we can take that into consideration....

Joe says that double-jointed-ness is a good thing in a woman - would it help my bid to get into FHM if I mentioned that I'm double-jointed?

If anyone sent me e-mail recently and found it undeliverable, or haven't had a reply they think they deserve, please resend the message. The reason for this is that several of my e-mail addresses redirect through another one, and I recently changed servers on that domain name. Sorry for any inconvenience...

Now I want to model underwear for Agent Provocateur. Only they don't go up to my size :-( Bravissimo do though!

I had a suggestion for a T-shirt design - one which I've thought about already: to have a straight-on picture of my boobs across the wearer's chest. I think I might go with it, unless I or anyone else can come up with any better suggstions. So far my idea for the mug is to have a series of boobcam pictures around the middle. How does that sound?

Okay, vote now for your favourite Boobcam photo! The results will be used to design the products for the upcoming Breast Boutique at cafepress.

Argh! Someone signed the guestbook complaining that we hadn't changed the boobcam picture in two days! Okay, sorry - but we have a new one up now - better?

Hm, interesting... apart from the fact that they blatantly use photos of porn models, it could almost be believable.

Hey look, She's obsessed with her breasts too! All girls should be - there should be classes in school about how to learn to love your boobs. This article Venus Envy is about loving your breasts for what they are: beautiful - read it!

Coming soon to the Breast Chronicles: an online store powered by cafepress. Buy a Boobcam Mousemat or Breast Chronicles T-shirt! I'll also be adding a store for women's clothes at some point - if I can find a service like cafepress which allows you to have more than one of each item. I'd like to have a range of T-shirts with witty/ironic slogans on them. If anyone knows of such a service, let me know!

Look out lads - the new Combi-Bra (incorporating a virtually unpickable combination lock) may hamper your attempts to get into girls' bras... (link from Flowerhead via Jay)

I know, we're bad girls - we've hardly written anything the last couple of days. The breasts are a bit upset at the moment because they've not had the attention they'd like.

The (oYo) webring is up and running - join today ;-)

You know, we were at the venue, and I was looking at everyone's clothes... The girls with tits were mostly wearing cleavage-revealing tops/dresses, and those with relatively flat chests led the backlash against boobs, tending to wear backless tops (you know, the ones with the ties at the back) or spaghetti-straps. It was just interesting, that's all.

It's so nice when people (particularly girls) say that the Breast Chronicles are better than they expected. Laura says she was 'pleasantly surprised', and Rita sent the url to her best guy friend.

Mi[hAe/ wonders if my new-found celebrity has made me more body-conscious. Well I'm no more body-conscious than I was before, to be honest - I've always been concerned about the way I look.

In Lunaire's featured article, one woman shares her experiences as a DD.

Not one but two people sent me this BBC news story about the new online bra store at Ample Bosom. Thanks to Nick Jordan (the other person's url is unknown).

My breasts got terribly jealous earlier because Ash was commenting on the size of someone else's tits (they're bigger than mine, but I couldn't guess her bra size, and she wouldn't tell me...) - it was most upsetting for them. He mainly does it to embarrass her, but nevertheless they demanded I wear something much more revealing tomorrow to be sure of his attention. =P

This lovely chap called Brent from Screemo wrote to us today to compliment us and let us know that our banner-thing will be appearing on his band's site soon. He also says we should do another picture in the PVC bra (seems to be rather popular - perhaps I should hold a boobcam vote sometime, to find out the favourites).

Adventures in Mammaplasty chronicles the processes involved in one woman's decision whether to get her 36L (and I thought I had it bad) breasts reduced to a more manageable size. The page outlines the pros and cons to getting surgery - it's a good insight.

Jay found me an interesting set of articles. Though not focussing solely on the breast, In the Eye of the Beholder discusses society's unwillingness to combine sexuality with supposedly 'sexless' people (those not considered conventionally attractive). The themes of the naked breast and breast cancer play a significant part in the debate.

It'll be interesting to see how my site stats fare, now that I'm no longer on's main page. A relatively significant proportion of my hits are return visits though, which really is most gratifying!

Today's theme at is All About Boobs - and I'm featured =)

Wow, I've had yet another article submitted! It's about a way to increase bust size naturally. How about one to decrease bust size? What I really want is a method (of exercise or whatever) to firm up the muscles behind my breasts.... to make them stand up a bit better. Oh, and no more suggestions to suck the contents of my breasts through the nipples to make them smaller, either!